Tree (Joan) and Arnie

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Tree (Joan) and Arnie

photo by Neil

Hi Everyone-- This is yonit klein -- formerly Tree Sunday. How very cool to hear that there is a reunion coming up--is it the first one? I would love to be there, but I am (and will be on those dates) half a planet away, living in Israel (affectionately called by its inhabitants, The Land). Gila let me know about it. PLEASE put me on your list, and I'll make sure that arni, my beloved of 39 years, gets it too whenever you send something out. If you do a DVD or pix or something from the event, I will pay for it! Thanks for remembering me. I wish I could catch up with everyone.
With love,

Hi folks,

This is arni here...yonit (Tree's) other half.
I too am so sorry we can't make the reunion.
We wrote a book about our journey from 1969-1973. It is published in Hebrew and German...and not in English. However, you can read it on-
line on our You'll find it through the
materials link on the menu. It's called "Nothing To Lose".
We can't wait to see some photos from the gathering.
Here are some recent photos of our own.