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This wiki is for the folks who were involved with the community called The Land on the San Andreas fault above Palo Alto, California , as well as Struggle Mountain and other neighboring communities likeBlack Mountain, Rancho Diablo, Pacific High School, and Stallings, just to name a few. These hills were full of many interconnecting communities from the late 60's into the early 80's. Struggle Mountain is the only one of these left. The Land ended by 1978, with many of the residents moving to some of these neighboring communities until the Open Space District bought those places as well. They now own what used to be The Land, Black Mt., and Stallings. Pacific High is now a Buddhist Retreat.

This is intended to be a piece of the rebirth of the community as a virtual gathering on the Web.

You do not need to join as a member. This is a public wiki and, as such, anyone can add or edit a page.
I hope that we can get some folks to help those who might need it.

If there is a problem with this we can change to a membership model.

July 11th, 2008: We've had the Next Reunion page deleted so we've changed to a membership model, that is, in order to post you have to sign in (which can be done from the "Sign In" prompt at the top of the page) and join this space (which can be done with the "Join this Space" link at the top left). -- Mark

The only rule for the moment is that there are no rules. (Except, of course, that there are no guns, no gurus.)

Have Fun!

There is no limit to the number of pages or size of content. I did agree that we would not use this resource in creepy or criminal ways.

Pictures, music, YouTube, videos... No problemo

Make Your Page
One thing to do early on is to go to the People page and see if you already have a page.
If you don't see your name in the list, Create your page and then add yourself to the list and then link your name to your page. Consider telling the story of how you got here on your page. When you are ready to, the Beginnings page will tell you what to do.

After that, you may want to: add a photo of you on the land, or a current one, a link to your web site, upload any other images you have from the land as some folks don't have any - not even of themselves.

If you copy text and try to paste with no success try Use The Text Editor and then paste.
This site seems to be case sensitive. Beginnings is not the same as beginnings - so pay attention when naming things.
The Text Editor button at the bottom of the Edit window is helpful when things don't work.
There is a lot of great info in the WikiSpaces Help section.