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What We Are Up To

What have you been up to lately?

Another good question!
This list is an alphabetical list of names linked to that person’s answer.

If you don't see your name in the list, Create your page if you don't have one, and then go to your page and select Edit Page.

Go to the line where you want to type your story and type [[#thepresent]].
This will make the link from the The Present page jump directly to your story.
Type or paste in your post-land story and then click Save.

Now, come back here and add yourself to the list and then link your name to your page.

Bob Scowcroft
Billy Bonzini
Brendan Wheatley
Court Tefft
Gary Starkweather
Kim and Illya

Judith Keenan
John Peck
Kathy Abood
Kevin Roach

Neil Reichline
Patsy Dodd
Robyn (Clare)
Sandy Baron
Sara Allen (Zara-Tom)
Sonny (Arvid) Hoppas
Willie Nelson

Adding Your Name

Instructions for mywikis needed

Linking Your Name To Your Story

Instructions for mywikis needed

Creating Your Page

Instructions for mywikis needed