Black Mountain Journals

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Black Mountain Journals

Black Mountain Journals

Compiled by Court and Patsy


The Black Mountain Journals

  • The Black Mt. Journals were kept in the Main House. Nobody lived in the main house, which had a kitchen, shower, pay phone, dining room and storage area. The main house was a place of gathering and celebration. The Journals were a means of communication, a message board a place to write a poem or short story, cast a vote, say hello, vent your frustration, express your gratitude, draw a picture, present an idea.
    Some entries were signed some were not.
    Court and Patsy will be posting some of the entries as we go through them. Most of them seem to be written around 1972 – 1977.


    Moving In
    Rip Offs
    The Four Seasons
    Hopes, Dreams and Reality
    It's Party Time
    Hill Monsters
    The Process of Moving In

Moving In –

Incredible potential to have the place turn into a crazy palace at anytime. Be aware.

The question for everyman and women living here to ask of themselves is will you select or settle.

We could say fuck it – Let it happen by itself or not happen.

Let’s make it happen and pick someone we feel will help build our dreams – someone who will help us get out of our current ghost town phase.

Applicants –

I live down in the pit – Mt. View. I have tools, wrenches, gas and arch welders, wood and generating equipment available. I am willing to help.

Our house fell down. Anyway we need a place because the mud and rain took our house away. We have two dogs and a shovel to make a garden. We have a ¾ ton pickup and could live in it, or a shelter, or build one.

Dear People,
I will be calling up on Thursday to see if I may come up to stay for a week or so. I have blown it by not being here and making it to a meeting. I work two days now and will be working 4 days at the most. I would be working here the rest of the week.
PS I’M A Jesus freak but not fucked up. I don’t rap it if you can’t dig it. I’ll love you, I will not fuck with you.

Jay moved his van on the south end. He has no money but he has a temporary job. I said it was okay to park for a couple of weeks and then if nobody objects to him and the van staying on I will tell him so and he will then be able to pay $20.00 a month. He is also into building a house here. If you have any feelings about this, positive or negative make them known here.

A new temporary camper on Blk. Mt. – brother Roger whom I knew from before has the most splendid bus you ever saw. That lavender number on the south end. Visit and trip out. Roger will be here 5 or 6 weeks fixing the bus to sell, and will pay us $5 a week for rent.

Barbara and Theresa are losing their home and they “really” want to move here. I wish we could have a meeting soon to discuss it. If we are all willing to work and play with the kids so they won’t burn anyone out. After wishing we could get some more children up here for a long time, we now have a chance. Please think about it because if anyone is seriously against the children…then they shouldn’t move here because it wouldn’t be fair to the kids or the community.

Folks –
I am looking for a place to be - have no stipulations as to the length of time or place.
I’m into a spiritual gig – play music –
I smoke pot as a sacrament – I do yoga – and have begun on my quieting journey towards enlightenment through the practice of meditation.

I am a non-smoking, non drinking vegetarian. I have worked on The Farm in Tennessee with Stephen. I study Indian (India) customs and culture, religion and music. I have no money, no job, nowhere to live, no family. All the qualities of a good hobo who’s been on the road too long and would like to put his thumb down, go to work and raise some goats and some children. I wish not to go on an on about I.
So for the lack of other words – in summary –
If anything comes about
From whatever you vibe from my words,

I love you all no matter whom or what you are
May the long time Sun Shine Upon you.

P.S. I ate a slice of your bread. Something I don’t usually do, but I accept what karma may come as a result of my ego – actions.

Good Evening,
I’ve just arrived in this area from Ohio and am in the process of looking for a place to settle. I’m sort of a self styled yo-yo and enjoy working with other people on things. I’m an experienced VW mechanic and am also familiar with wood working. I’m really not sure where I may be living but this seemed like a place to start looking. I’m 24 years old, a Cancer and like to cook.
Offhand I can’t seem to think of anything else that seems relevant – you can reach me at or through this #
Bye, Ray

Hale with the green pickup wants to move on to Blk. Mt.- Would like Sparrows house, but if Laurie is thinking of moving he would take the tent. Seems very mellow, is learning carpentry – probably good energy for us. I’m for it.

I am really hoping to move up here. I would like to put out some energy for a community instead of just for myself. I’d like to live in Sparrows old house but can’t seem to get any clear information about whether or not it’s available. If anyone finds out what’s happening – tell Mary and she’ll let me know.

(Hale moves in and builds a great house and moves on a couple years later)

I must admit it’s a strange sensation coming back to Bl. Mt. Something I’m glad I did but won’t do again. It seems so amorphous, as shapeless as the clouds (+ able to be torn apart with each new wind) anyway I need more structure.
I miss your faces and off time smiles. Come down and visit sometime.

We found these entries that Dean added for fun:

My name is Charles. I could sure dig moving here. I'm good at sharpening knives and hatchets and things. We could make a nice family.
Charles Manson

I’m Mr. Mean
My friends and I think it would be a good idea if I move here. Follow my drift?
Just move all the shit out of the best house and nobody will bet hurt. Know what I mean?
If you don’t want me to live here, just say so. (if you think your big enough)
Mr. Mean

I’m Mr. Wonderful. I would like to live here. That little house on the hill up there will be just fine.
I have nothing to offer except my wonderful self but that should be more than sufficient. When you meet me notice the straight white teeth, the fine handsome head, straight back, flat stomach, muscle tone, tight ass, broad shoulders and intelligent brow.
I have business to attend to for a few days (show biz you know how it is) but I can move in next Tuesday, so if you can all meet me in front of the Main House at 2:00 you can help me carry my furniture.
Love to all,
Mr. Wonderful

I’m the sad man. I probably wouldn’t be so sad if I could live here. I’m really sad. I’m so sad I tried to kill myself last night but I couldn’t find my razor blades. That was sad too. I cried all night.
Don’t think I’m trying to get your sympathy or pity just so I can live here. Hope I haven’t bummed anyone out. Nice place you have here. Does it rain a lot?
The Sad Man


Well, here it is Tuesday evening and I made the mistake of leaving a bag of groceries here unattended. You think some people would have consideration of one another’s belongings. I was looking forward to having a cake with chocolate frosting till I found that someone really had a bad case of the munchies and ate my semi-sweet baking chocolate. The stuff isn’t exactly cheap, let alone being a hassle, so will someone who munched please return and next time keep their crummy paws off.

Marcia and Court

Maybe a little kid ate it. And our little kids can’t even read.
The Deacon

Howdy y’all…
Just a thought about kids! the ones here, big ones as well as little ones. Isn’t there any respect for each other? I mean when something is left unattended for a while (ie…my frying pan and lid that were taken from the south end by my trunk). By the way does anyone know where they may be…an 8lb cast iron pan? Could sure dig having it back.

Ya! And my $30 jacket is missing from the main house and I can’t keep my tooth brush because it’s a pretty pink. What’s with kids like that?

Someone ripped me off for a pack of razor blades. It’s getting pretty low when you start ripping your friends off.

Did anyone see the stove which was outside my house?

Big storm last night blowing doors open, roofs off houses, Juan’s stove blew away. Jimmy’s cooking up banana bread with the able assistance of Juan.
To You!
I keep finding shit that’s been ripped off from my house, so I suggest.
1. Don’t keep anything of value in your house
2. Shoot the fucker who takes anything
3. Lock your house extremely well.
Don’t take this harshly, but one who you might think is your friend is out for your goods. I don’t know of anyone who I thought for sure might rip me off (except maybe a couple) but he who did is definitely from around here. Watch Out.
I know it’s a pisser to get ripped off but I don’t believe anyone who lives here s a friend ripper offer. I know I’m not. I hear my name has come up as a suspect. Maybe we should have a talk (friendly) . I know this is contradictory to the note I wrote about my razor blades but I should have thought before I wrote. I think probably what happened is all my razor blades got borrowed one at a time (which I hope won’t happen again. It is ungroovy to breed distrust. My pardon if I offended anyone.

Back to reality. Someone took the nut from the top of my Coleman lantern. I want it back.


I just want to thank the person who ate my eggs and peach. It was very kind of you to leave a half peach for my breakfast.

Fuck you,

Actually most people like to fuck, so when you want to generate hostility towards someone else, please ask them to kindly un-fuck themselves, in other words ask them to go get unfucked!

Lenny Bruce

Ha-Ha! Whoever stole my recently worn underwear, I have crabs and scabies.


Don’t leave dirty clothes around and nobody will take them.

They were there for one hour so mind your own business and have balls enough to sign your own name.


Glad to read this. I spent half the morning looking for a pencil and rehearsing what I was going to say about thieves. Will the person, who borrowed my tools, hammer, tape measure and saw, please return them because I need them! It’s a real drag to go for a tool and find it’s gone, especially when I don’t know who took them. So if you’re going to help yourself to my things why not leave a note – so that I can get them back. Or better yet return them!

Mike King


Yesterday being a lazy cold damp day, as a few rays of sun broke through the ominous grey clouds above, I decided to soak up some of that sun. I called for my faithful companion Loretta and set off for a walk. After a race up the steps, Loretta and I headed for the goat and chicken pen. Having just smoked a joint I was mesmerized by these strange birds.
My hypnotic spell was suddenly broken by the sound of screeching brakes and a yelping dog. As the car on Skyline sped off, I too sped off in a state of shock hoping Loretta had not been done in. As I approached my bloody little puppy dog, who had just had her first birthday two days ago, I was relieved to hear her painfully yelping softly as she lay crumpled up in a all on the shoulder of the road.
I lifted her into my loving arms and raced off to Marcia’s truck where I gently placed Loretta’s innocent, frail broken, limp, nearly dead body on the front seat. I jumped into
the drivers seat ready to race to the vet. The truck wouldn’t start. I tried again. She usually starts right away. I checked the gas gauge. It didn’t move, just like Loretta! Some Fucker had stolen my gas. No note, no nothing. I’ve never seen the needle so low.
Good karma came to the rescue as Obie drove up. He rushed us to the vet. Loretta is fine.
Who the fuck ripped off my gas? If you need gas…ask. I don’t want to have to lock my gas tank!


Who is the dirty dog that took Court’s gas? What a shame Courts dog almost died because someone was so inconsiderate. I think its high time brothers and sisters; we make a law that anyone caught stealing gas should be immediately expelled from the property.
And remember whoever you are, God is watching us all. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. He knows if you’re a hypocrite. He sees you when you play with yourself at night. He’s up there keeping the books in heaven and when you don’t feed your dog for instance, maybe you saved yourself .50 on earth, but the Lord is keeping records just the same brothers. You Will Pay In The End!

The Deacon

So you think you need gas more than Court! Well I suppose you think you are more important than Court!! Even if you are, are you to be the Judge in Courts case. Well I think not. I think we should let Court be the judge in this case! After all it is his gas.
Now brothers and sisters I think we are getting all upset over something very simple. This is a simple case of a brother on the property who needed a little gas, I mean really brother this is a commune right? A little bit of Love compassion and gas. We must consider the brother who took the gas. The poor guy was probably out of gas on the side of the road with his head up his ass not knowing what to do, until he remembered his brother Court. “Ah! Court my brother Court; I’ll just go get a little gas from him.”

A burnt out hippie if whoever wrote this is serious. Fuck off! A commune is for mellow folks, not thieves and should breed sharing not stealing. There’s a difference you know.

Dear Burnt Out Hippie
Do you think you should be the judge of where to be the judge? Whoever you are you are obviously a complete simpleton.

Here com de judge
And remember judge not least ye be judged, least ye be judged, least ye be judged.
The Deacon

Brothers can write notes. Richard I borrowed your thermometer its 36 degrees at 11:30 Sunday Dec. 14th, I also borrowed three of your speakers yesterday.

Appreciate the main house reserved kindling butt could you kindly remember to bring back the Ax.

Love, Sistah

In 1966 the federal telephone tax was raised with the money earmarked directly for the war. Ma Bell became the enemy – Hence whenever possible the phone company was ripped off.
In 1971 John Draper discovered that the giveaway whistle in Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes produced the proper tone to make free phone calls. All you had to do was blow in the reciever - or whislte the proper tone at the right time. You could get free long distance calls.
Cap’t Crunch went on to work for Apple and wrote the first word processor program for Apple 11 while in jail for phone phreaking.

From the Black Mountain Journal –

Ding dong (telephone ringing)
Them: “Hello I’m from the phone company and I hear that your phone doesn’t work right…it gives back money.”
Me: “This phone works right.”
Them: Well could you tell me how to get to your place so I can fix it?”
Me: “Where are you?”
Them: At the barn on Page Mill near Skyline.”
Me: What barn.”
Them: Well I know your place is at the corner of Page Mill and Skyline so could you give me directions?
Me “Uh could you hold on a minute? I have something cooking on the stove.
Ten minutes later
Me: “Hello, Hello…I guess he hung up.
P.S. Earl disconnected the money returns switch, said it is a federal offense if they come we all get in BIG TROUBLE.
It’s in a jar under a shelf near the sink.

J. Rizzo Burtlancaster

Can you hook up the telephone switch or show me (Tom) how to? Please even for two temporary short L.D. calls.



Freedom is the word

Patty – call Nick at the Palace

Gordon, Pacific wants their posthole digger. They’ve got ours.

Housewarming at Rose’s in the Backlands tonight.

Spare sold 7 glasses of lemonade today and 1 joint.

Tuesday: Windy, Sunny… new shithouse.

Back from Choape, fogged on codeine, x-rays reveal no broken bones. Sure is warm today. Poor Sarah has nobody to play with, “Tales o f Brave Ulysses” playing somewhere in my brain.

Crabs, lice and puppy dog trails

Harvested 1st of Black Mt. Weed. We can smoke the peace pipe of saying hello again. Panda pumpkin is bringing beer and will check the pumpkin patch, as the full moon comes up over the South End Pines…ok.

A timeless intersection in the crossroads of reality:
The kitchen grossed me out. It hasn’t been this dirty for quite awhile. Take no action/ Revised.

Spare is beautiful in body and mind.

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, for life to reveal its natural course, Life is so beautiful. How can you hold on to a moment? Why can’t we stop time? Waiting is a waste of time.

Peyote placidity – hours running into minutes-minutes merging with the sea of time

An expedition leaves for Palace Ranch

We still worry about packaging and not substance

The cure lies within your own head my friend

Petula Clark thinks that downtown is where it’s at.

A day to learn about things

I got the main house blues

Thinking I liked it better on Ashbury St.

May our lives be like the sunrise, full of light and fresh with the spirit of a New Day!

And sometimes A little more

I was the one who was blind…jokes on me

People, people, getting involved with people

Superb dinner! Really got high on all the people here. Love you all. I really am glad I live here with you all.

In friendship the action is straightforward
In love the action is hesitant

This pens a different color

Reliable information – I need you.
Love, Spare

I gave it All up for a smoke

Think what you like, say what you will, I’m beginning to see something beautiful around here.

In the beginning there was nothing but rock. Then somebody invented the wheel and things just began to roll.

Hello World,
Your place in space is pretty amazing – just keep turning …ok?

Keep the lid on the honey

Where is the main house broom?

Grateful Dead At Stanford tonight – orange carob and carrot cake. Sleepy Day…like yesterday

Patty takes another long long shower

Very quiet – very stoned

My children and New Mexico calls me ever so sweetly…my gypsy blood hears the call of the highway and journey I must

They say it is better to have tried and failed…Than to sit and ponder endlessly, never to set sail.

Good morning! I ching advices – stand still. Energy to community…Love you all

A quote for the day:
“I like a possessive and protective male…that I can depend on”
Playgirl magazine

I am practicing writing with my left hand. Is it good? But there really is no good or bad. There only is
Dean B. Payne
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Well, so much for this page in the journal of life. Fran (backlands) lent us truck and supplied water for the garden yesterday.

I’m so glad…I’m so glad, I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad

Tzippy gets into Lennon

Rode a rain cloud home
We talked-rather I listened

There’s A certain girl in the blue dome that tickles my fancy

Wild Thing
I think I love you

July 30, 1972 – Venison feast today At George’s in La Honda. The dogs at Palace Ranch ran A deer into the barbed wire.

Nobody eat the putrid green beans

Divisions and alliances on the property!

Spare calls from the bar, anyone want to go drinkin?

Anyone seen the wheelbarrow?

There’s a family (David, Sylvia?, and Purusha) who want to build a tipi on Sue’s platform. Will be going to S.F. 3 times a week studying working…they say

Wild Bill’s new name is…Humble Floor Sweeper

Someone stole the mailboxes

.35, I can get a beer for 35 cents

Who took the broom?

Just to be free, to be warm and dry and well fed and to be with those you love is a heavy enough trip for one lifetime.

We grab our infinite joy and toss out fragments

I know we are boundless

Christ, y’know it ain’t easy

Juanita brought a dry goods order blank which she will pick up on Tues. or Wed, with our fronted cash. Also, The Land is doing produce runs (good cheese!)

Hank at the corners must love us for helping clean out his coolers

Elliah down at the Land said I could have one of his horses for nothing. I would really like to talk it over with everyone first. If I take her, he wants me to get her by Wednesday.
Love, ya All,

People who leave tools out are gonna loose their tools.
People who leave their teeth around etc.

Whoever left the mustache hair under the mirror in the main house kitchen?
…clean it up

Who took the Main House Mirror?

I saw it in the clear dome
Rico the Rat

Found…A coat, hat, underwear and clothes on the couch. Articles are now by the piano.

You can leave your hat on

Where is the Main House broom?

Please return the Pacific food conspiracy list to me.

Yep…it’s Wednesday…just got back from L.A. How’s it going here? Soon to find out as I walk on down the road.

I see Black Mt. is stone blown as usual.


I have to go to my tent to make sure Genga doesn’t destroy the rest of my possessions, so if someone could yell at me from Earl’s place in the morning around 9:00 or 10:00 I would really appreciate it.

We need a new piece for the stove pipe

My head aches from cocaine, wine and 10,000 other #’s.

Maybe Margo was saying something when she cut her hair

Maybe I should go to Big Sur with Glenn/Bill

I will work every morning from 7:30 to 10:00 on the trench.
Me too!.

Silence, soft and dark… back of my mind hitch-hiking thru space, trying to find my way home. Something’s healing and I think it’s me.

Whispers in the dark

Look in their eyes and try to find them

Hmm. Somebody’s griping about this ain’t Valhalla

I’m always impressed at the timelessness of events here. Reading this Journal of 1974 reminds me of 73 which reminds others of 72 which reminds others…Must be some sort of natural phenomena.

Hellow Sinner

A word for the wise

I noticed this morning the orange juice in the fridge. Well the brand was AWAKE. Wonder why they call it this? Maybe it’s the chemicals they put in it like carboxymthyleellolose, BHA, artificial flavors, colors, modified cornstarch, sugar syrup, they also put in cottonseed oil which is not digestible. Why? Birdseye Awake you’re for the birds.

I’ve found that the cheapest orange juice tends to be the best. Supposedly 100 percent pure orange.
Yeow! Just notice under AWAKE it sez:
Frozen concentrate for imitation orange juice contains no Juice.
Think About it, why poison yourself? Is there anyone who doesn’t care?

Yeah! All of that macro-micro
Healthful, cleanful, pureful stuff bores me! I’m sure you don’t really want to hear my opinion on it anymore than I do yours. But it would be more boring if I didn’t write anything. Right Court?

Be there,
Old saying…if person has no sense of humor; he cannot take joke

The Four Seasons:

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Instead of Noblemen, let us have Noble villages of men.


Autumn and winter are on their way so get your cold weather thoughts together people.

Please keep shining sun.

What a warm pleasant Indian summer day.Sun is shining and people; are preparing their homes for the rains to come. It’s nice to be here, warm, warm day.

The chain saw is available to anyone.

Slept in the howlin wind with the fog rollin in
The trees they were swayin
And the stairs, they were sayin
Go back; go back to where you belong

Attention Woodless Folk,
I cut up some of the fallen branches along our roads.If you need wood please help yourself to stashes at the following places.(Lists 7 places)If you don’t really need it, please leave it for those who really do.
Blue jays squawk in their aggressively territorial way.Late at night hooting owls speak to each other from their respective homes.
Our landlord, Carl, says no trees should be cut down without his authorization. As for pine beetles – just about every pine on the property is infected with them and cutting down one isn’t going to help the problem.\
Anyone who needs wood, Mike L. and I both have chain saws and I’m sure something can be arranged.

The bright blue skies and sweltering temperatures of Indian summer bring us warm dry nights and brilliant smog generated sunsets with crimson and gold purple hued burnt orange hues.Occasional thunderstorms ignite forest fires of a most destructive nature.

Singing birds en mass no longer awaken us a little before down as the low grey skies of fall return once again.

Plump seed pods rattle in the breeze.With the first rains the wild oats are beaten down.The foxtails (wild barley) and thistles burn out change color and eventually slump over.

Sunny here – rain less than one mile down the road.

Working on taking a long kite ride, or maybe just a long hike westward (over the hills until it is quiet). Fog coming in from the ocean across Skyline.

I jog before breakfast every morning – happy to have company if ever anyone feels the urge. We leave from Skyline and page Mill when Jennifer’s school bus comes about 7:50.
The air is bright, the hills mountains and flatlands sparkle or are softened in mist and fog, the birds sing and flash about the sky.Yesterday we saw a big red fox trotting through a field – he stopped in his trail – bold and together he just stood there – checking us out as we jogged by

Changing loves, setting suns, wind thru the pines, fast moving clouds, dropping bits of rain, dogs run free.Unless anyone objects, we should install the old wood burner to burn all the garbage and keep the kittens warm at night.The kittens are all sleeping over by the dogs.

Oct. 1, 1972
Very quiet, one squirrel yelling up north a bit, fog, rain, cut some wood, clean house.

Hot shower in a cold house on a rainy day

Halloween is Tuesday
Does anyone know what kinds of mushrooms are edible?

Take them next door on Skyline to Mrs. Brooks. She knows lots.

Warnings from Bonne before we left -ominous full moon in Scorpio.Scorpio’sstinging illusion of karmic reparations.Off to see PSI lecture when Santa Clara Sheriff pulls us over while we’retokin and chuggin Coors in Spares weak ankled wagon.
Spare gets far out ticket that requires new tires.Eliza gets hassled.Larry gets taken to collaboose…it s incredible we were chanting our way down to the flatlands.
Mad midnight rush to find bail so they would not have time to open draft rap on him.. Jo-Ann to the rescue.Bonnie and Nancy hassle with pigs.Gordon and Spare eat ginseng and have insomnia.We shall get by with a little help from our friends; get high with a little help from our friends.

I don’t think I was “hassled” by the police.Actually they were pretty mellow…except watching them put handcuffs on Larry. Mind-blower!Oh Allah!Rama Om

May you live eternally in Samsara – Hah!

The sun is shining for the second day in a row.

Well off to work tonight.My house is flooded, but hopefully will have it fixed before the next storm hits.Good to see Barbara home again.
See y all soon,

November – Winter:

Low energy – floors not swept – Urbram clumps tromped in and dropped – cold and damp – stale air – cuddle at night – cold feet, sheets and hands – I’m moving – not really

Dec.Week before Christmas warm and sunny break from rainy and cold howling Alaskan windstorms – don’t have to worry about losing the electricity we never had.


Cabin Fever

We’re going away this grey day
To the sea, to the sea
Late dry good order from the Land
“wait for me”, “wait for me”

Truckload of weirdo’s heading for Bezerkley

Truckload of freaks invades S.F International Airport and Spare loses his watch

More and more rain, a mudslide thru the back door of the main house.

Why,Why,Why must it always rain on my day off

January coldest month…pipes may freeze…insulate insulate

Lots of beautiful snow
Our vacation is being slowed down by many obstacles but we are still trying to get it tighter.Now instead of buying snow chains when we get to Oregon we have to buy them to get out of here!

Broken branches craacaahhkk
Found some tequila, breakfast
Snow everywhere!!!
Jan. 4, 1974
24” snow knew deep Skyline closed for three days – some people stranded down the hill – some people stranded in their houses.Limbs…large limbs cracking and falling off trees – scary…dangerous and beautiful

Hi Black Mt. people – glad to be back after being marooned at Hideout for two days in the snow with Glenn and Danny. Can’t say I minded that too much though.
We walked out this morning – were sweating by the time we reached Skyline.And I came home to a warm clean house with good people in it.My old Chevy is out at Hideout sleeping, probably for another week, maybe forever.She was a good car.I still haven’t seen Sol (cat) its hard to pick him out with everything so white.

Such a beautiful day – Black Mt. is now a very white mountain and we are all getting so high on being together.

Skyline opens up – lined with cars – watch out for snowballs, and people sledding on cardboard boxes, building snowmen, putting them in the back of their pickup trucks, cameras snapping. Snow in the Bay Area

Chris breaks window in front door with snowball – oops

Media Fear – New Ice Age is coming

Beautiful!Sunny Clear! Winter Day!

Jan. 30, 1974 today’s sensational headlines predict 29 more days without rain

60% chance of snow Thur.

Feb. - By mid February, when the yellow Acacias begin to bloom and offer hope that spring is right around the corner, everyone is on edge and slightly depressed.

Full moon in Gemni through the clouds.Clouds and more clouds, same old shit, very uneventful day, stuck cars, mud and more mud, running low on firewood, to cold to often

Lid gone, enthusiasm gone, banalities return, spaced out uptite contagion takes its toll.Work it out dammit.

Rainy retrospective day

Rain – 3 wks. Rain – 3 wks Sun. The winter passes slowly.The drops of rain on the roof are steady – tick tick of an old clock

Skies clearing – nice day – Dream Away!

End of Feb. new green grass begins to pop up – brown hills turning green – wild flowers on the way – Another month and bright orange Ca. poppies will be in full bloom.

Would like to work in the garden tomorrow if someone who knows what they’re doing works with me.


The greenhouse is alive
Are you?

Rain stops around 10 am.Sunshines through main house new window, lets see wheres the Burpee seed catalog.

Going down to hang out in the garden.Peaceful day, this has been.Feel so good within myself.
Love ya all Black Mt.neers

To continue our narrative,
Wine arrives
Fred clears up his drive shaft
A Hawaiian ghost dance at midnight
Margo gives Cannonball (the ace mouse-eater) a massage
Everyone gets ready for Sundays Big Game
Cannonball nods out
Carl comes by with John the Cop
It rains on the garden
Earl staples the pencil to the $40 Zen table

Garden spending
$17.25chicken wire and staples – Ray
12.07Block and garden hose- Spare
4.80Sand – Ray
.67.Oreo’s- Tom

I’m going to plant myself in the garden and spice it up a bit with some new herbs I got. I’ve got lots of Thyme to grow in the garden.Can you dig it?

I’d like to start some planting and I need some good soil. Does anyone know about the piles of compost or manure?I need some special righteous soil.

I’m going to plant a flower garden where the old shitter was.I have some seeds and plants though contributions of any sort are welcome.

I planted about 50 worms the other day. Has anyone noticed any or many?

Lets not have a half assed garden comrades…lets plant now!
Far out sunrises, work on the greenhouse, mama cat follows, all asleep except Ralph who keeps even me up taking car of all the plants, guarding them from cars and trucks off in the distance on Skyline Blvd.

By March we often get a chance to lay out in the sun and pick up a little color as nature begins to explode with brightly colored wild flowers and the aroma of spring.

Spring colors everywhere…shades of yellow and orange are predominant.Ocean cliffs are ablaze with succulent flowers, seaside daisies.Time for dandelion wine, miner’s lettuce and wild mustard green salads.

Clouds and Joann’s smoke fills the room, an open door and more, wish I could see and feel the moon tonight.

Flu is sick.There’s a new window in the shack, a new outhouse at the South end of the property.Burt’s people went to see Hog Farmers at Pacific

Warm sun, clear sky, open doors, chirping birds, long green spring hills, soft breeze, good day to swim or clean house

Nice cool breeze and peyote tea

Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release ones sadness.A warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable and his beloved, the earth, embraces him and bestows upon him inconceivable gifts. The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to their beings.
Don Juan

Be sure to thank the lettuce and spinach before you pick them.Let them and those around you know they are appreciatedlettuce_in_garden.jpg
The front yard flower garden is really getting me high.I want to plant more flowers. I have already bought some other seeds – wildflower mixes, morning glories, zinnias.I hope they like it here.

Sow them in some moist rich fertile soil.They just need a little life, time patience…before long they will awaken to the life abounding around them.
A very nice girl from the land came by to visit.I gave her some lettuce and she helped me water.Her name is Phylis and she said she’d be back.
Sweet Dreams
Friends our garden is looking so very beautiful.Storey, Earl and I watered it this evening.I think when we water the garden now at least two people should do it.What could be a better way to spend your time?

In watering remember that one good soaking is beneficial to the roots, as opposed to several lightwaterings.

It is better to have your head in the cloud, and know where you are…than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them , and think that you are in paradise.

Needed to be done – Anyone wanta help today?
l) Needed lots of marigolds to repel insects
2) Peas need to be staked so they will not rot on the ground
3) Stake tomatoes or they will bear inferior fruit if they don’t die altogether
4) Mulching
5) Weeding
6) Transplanting
7) Fertilizing
8) Planting
Ecology Action has its BDFI classes every sat. at 10, for all those interested. The course takes 5 weeks and I’m teaching it.

Tis a gift to be simple
Tis a gift to be free
Is a gift to come down
Where we ought to be
And when we find ourselves
In the place just right
I will be in the garden
Of love and delight
(Shaker Song)


Rip double digging

Ladybugs gather together at common mating grounds.One two foot high hollow stump is totally covered with thousands of spotted little creatures crawling over one another.

Rattlers unwind to find food and mates

Little toads in the garden eat insects
Should have a good weed harvest tin a couple of months

Planted African daisies and Mexican sunflowers in a circle with a moon and used white marigolds as stars.There’s no water, so I hope they live and we do as well. The garden hose from the grey water tank was busted so we did not have any water in the tank.I repaired the hose and ran another from the tree house.Tank should be filled in two hrs. approx.

Dreams of appropriate technology…windmills, storage batteries, solar collectors, compost privies, green houses; less dependency on the outside world

We are being attacked by gophers

What manner of life has been eating our little radishes and sunflowers?

Kill the crawling green things in the hot house

Help!Garden needs help!

So can someone water the garden and plants in front and on the porch for a few days?
Thank you

Big boots, high socks and no clothes on a hot summer day.Goats fed and garden watered
Coyote’s howl at night and are spotted traveling the terrain in the middle of the afternoon

A happy fat family of quail cross my path headed for an insect lunch in the garden

The hills are changing from green to golden in the flats…in a couple of weeks the same thing will happen here.Seasons changing.

Swatches of green grass still remain on hillsides protected from the hot and relentless sun

Les start thinking about he new crops to plant in our garden.The lettuce is going to seed so we can plant something new there.Please add to my list of ideas.

Friday June 9

Rain. Clean house, Sandy’s visit, raisins from Jo-Jo’s are gone, Larry smokes a cigarette, Pamela laughs…it’s a good day to bake bread.

Sudden Flash!
Gordon told me a month ago he’d be going to a tantric yoga camp for the moth of June

June 72
Wedding on Sufi Hill!– Auturo and Jo Ann, good cake and music.Those good old friendly faces.

Theres 15 lbs of oranges and 40 lbs. of of lemons.Guess we can live on citrus until donations for dry goods happen. C ‘mon now kids, we need about 30 smackers for oil and raisons and popcorn and alfalfa (alpha-alpha) seeds and all sorts of stuff

June 6
The first nasturtiumin the garden blooms redas the one on the kitchen ledge e blooms yellow

Thursday June 22 1972
Cold fog storm, lots of wind, mold on the teapot, on the weed stems, dry plants, doesn’t anyone notice?The winds blows through the trees, the grey, the dust all along the road, rain along the western side, new pictures, Earls voice as Bill S. leaves

Bill Linquist comes by for coffee and talk.Lights on, people going to Land and back (July 4th) Finding a warm tone…B chord while my fingers slip thru Quicksilver

July 4th
Here Ye!Here Ye!
Let us celebrate our new found freedom and declare our independence from the state of the Union

Bonnie making apricot pie while Sarah searches the roads for Spare

Brown leaves on trees against a gray sky like soft autumn in New England.Our water system cries out again for attention.When will the water truck get fixed?

Aug. 9thmellow bed – all flowering – little cukes on long vines, corn tasseled and small ears on lower part of plant, cukes everywhere, been eating beans for 3 weeks, nasturtiums still blooming 3 months later.Tomatoes 51/2 feet tall pretty yellow flowers , small green tomatoes, peppers 2-3 per plant, eggplant flowering, summer lettuce tastier than spring.

Full moon night
Sun shining day
Moon up with sun down
Off to beach
Great powerful waves
Glistening sparkling sand
High on life

Its been so hot:found my lost saw across the road where the bulls and hawks laugh and fight and the creek water is so cold and awakening that you can sit in the hot sun waiting for nothing…flattening against the mother planet

Hillsides of golden grass sway gracefully in unison with the wind.Season of prehistoric ferns thriving in the damp, dark, moist, redwood forest

The cool ocean fog rolls in around sunset; her exploratory fingers arrive first gently, swiftly, probing, exploring and filling the deep canyons and mountain passes. Quickly she pulls her body up to the ridge where she may rest for awhile before she tumbles and rolls like Niagara Falls into the valley below

Went to Santa Cruz to the Birth Center, sure is a gloom day down there.Black Mt. is the sunniest place for miles.Went to the food co-op and bought wheat berries, rice, tamari, corn oil and baker’s yeast – all I could afford.

Sept. hot hot – no breeze – dirty air – low energy – golden hills brown and parched – flatlands fried
Back on the home front – Black mts. doing as better as ever, with hot summer temps and easy going vibes.Things are still the same except for the ever changingpeople know a little more and can forget a little more of why or what,; fear a little less and mellow out.

Our plants have been so patient with their irresponsible sponsors, sweating it out down there without a drop in weeks, wilting and shedding leaf after precious leaf, perhaps sobbing soft plant sobs late at night talking to one another. “O, Mr. Zucchini how are we ever gonna survive?Fuck if I know”, pant, pant, gasp, gasp

Rain on garden and a little less sun – may bring it back

The water was check tonight Thurs. – 2 ft. exists down at the very bottom of the tank – no more.A constant stream – just barely more than a dribble is entering the tank.
If there are any water leaks around your place; tell me. I’ve got PVC cement, pipe dope, dope to fill the pipes and fittings

Wild peas shooting their load a foot or so with one quick jerk, a snap crackle and pop as they bake in the mid-September sun.Each pod contains at least five little seeds.

No winter garden to cold in the hills

There are always plants flowering in the Bay Area.Alterations in the landscape are very subtle over long periods of time

Thanksgiving – still getting Tomatoes

News is that our garden gracefully and painlessly passed away with the frost that disappeared this afternoon.I give thanks to services rendered for this season – will have a fine on in the spring though, I hope inspiration will be with you all.


From How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons


Communal Goats:

(Eleanor & Rigby)


I plan to go to Santa Cruz to get food for Mariah because there’s sposed to be a really good feed store there with a bulletin board of animals to buy and sell.Since we can’t board Mariah away, I still want to get another goat to keep her company and buy her with treasury money.If anyone has serious objections, I suggest you state your alternative and then do it; otherwise I’m going to try and get a companion tomorrow.

I just called Funny Valley goat farm and talked to Judy.She says goats come into heat for just 3 days on a 21 day cycle; this goes on into the fall.I don’t think she’s in heat now
2/8but I remember somebody saying she was dripping.So like maybe we could take Mariah to Funny Valley next time she’s in heat.The cost is a days work weeding their garden or some such chore, or $7.00, whichever sits easiest, I guess anyway Pacific s out...The he-goat is – oh apparently incapable.

I don’t think Mariah’s pregnant (ain’tno authority mind ya) but she doesn’t seem fat enough…fat yes!!.. But pregnant??(Questionable)

I’d like to make the birth if optimism shines!!!So if anyone would…If I aint around…call me when it happens.

Two goats are the only Black Mountain couple.

Oh yes people…we must pick up old Doug.He is tied up at The Land waiting for us.He ate Donna’s garden.. The fucker.
That insane goat that we all love so much as been put out to pasture once again.Dirty Doug has found a new home.

We need a decent amount of hay for Mariah so she can have something to snuggle up to this winter to keep warm. – Something she won’t eat.

Mariah is living on the porch.

Marmalade (goat) has taken residence at the cabin on the lover road.

Goats’ milk is homeopathic, preventative when it comes to poison oak.

Guess What!
Yesterday when Mariah was loose she ate 3 of my pot plants and a baby apple tree; she’s a rotten garden fern eater.What should we do about it?

4 pm Mariah’s fence fell down from the wind.I don’t want to take care of Mariah.Do with her as you wish.I do not dislike or like her I have no relationship with her.

Anyone want a goat that shits in domes and eats asparagus ferns!

In lieu of conflicts between Joch (wolf dog) and Mariah (3 separate times yesterday alone) should Joch be asked to stay off the property?

Oh yes, Mariah yer friendly point of animal neurosis is currently both starving and dying of thirst.So by Wed. or Thur. you are all invited to a goat feast up at the beautiful southern end of Utopia.Bring your own fork.

Ah, such sweet sorrow.And what does Mariah say when she gets that hollow feeling?Nyeahh.

I propose that we send her to summer camp (at avant-garde Pacific Hi!)this week and visit her ever time we think of her.

Due to lack of interest again, Mariah is being sold for $20.00 …proceeds going…

  1. Carl (landlord), why not (who else?)
  2. The corporate ruling class of Black Mt.
  3. Keg of beer.

Mariah is penned up for the duration of heat. She should be ok.


There is a sheet on the bulletin board regarding the ducks and our goat.Because the ducks must be fed every day we have to keep track of their food trip.It isn’t a means of getting anyone to feed the animals that don’t want to, it is only for the animals benefit so they get fed once and only once every day.
Signatures are not required – just a simple X

The duck pond water was frozen, someone left the cover off the duck food -now it is ruined.

Proposal - Lets have a duck for Thanksgiving dinner.

As far as the ducks are concerned, I will no longer be responsible for them in anyway.I can’t feed and love an animal that is going to be killed.

The ducks are being taken away…we’re not buying another fucking duck at Black Mountain.

Puppy Love:


Patsy's puppy Karma

In memory of Lucy, Loretta, Layla, Shanti, Karma, Waldo, Victoria, Lady, Kneecaps, April, Jackson, Biorn, Charlie, Spotter, Jake, Fatso, Autet

Nancy visiting with her nice dog Kneecaps, who needs a home.I kind of dig the dog; he seems mellow so I will take care of him.
Fatso the big German Sheppard had her puppies.What’s remarkable is the place she chose to have them.Down where Gridley was camped is a knobby looking oak tree.It’s really neat.She has dug between the roots and cleared out a perfect little snug cave.You look in and see these shiny tiny black puppies laying in the middle of the clean cave floor,.

Melody’s new puppy arrives late for breakfast because his bold unbounded intellect imprisons him under the porch.Oh well, let him cry all day.

Why is there a bag of dog food on the roof?

Watch Out:
April’s puppies are now able to climb up the hill by themselves.They will soon be out in the parking lot lying under your car, soo please check before you go tearing off.

Something really stinks by the phone…

Please clean up the three piles of puppy shit and don’t leave Champs in the Main House anymore.
Thank you,

P.S correction – 4 piles
No wrong again – 5 piles
My mistake – 6 piles

Please build a dog house for Jake.

Do dogs have to be fed in the Main House?The owner’s responsibility could be to feed their animals at their residence.Or is this a larger size dog house?

We’re leaving Annie with a big bag of food at the tree house.I love her a lot and am really sad to leave her.She’s never lived off the mountain,.I think it would be wrong to move her to Union City.I hope she’ll be welcome here as her own dog.If she’s vibed out, I guess she’ll go back to The Land where she lived before – only thing is they are over run with too many dogs already.
She has good credit at Portola Valley Vet. Clinic and if she gets hurt or if her cough doesn’t clear up, if someone could take her to the doctor you can send me the bill.
So now we’re really leaving Black Mountain and I’m so sad sad sad sad…song.Know Black Mt. will keep on keeping on.
Stay in tough.

Any dogs found on skyline Ranch property will be shot.A sheep was killed.

April trashed Rips home true.But Autet trashed it twice before that using the same plastic window to go through.It is my contention that it is quite simple to prevent this in the future for instance, real glass, closing the door.I am responsible for my dog but you are responsible for your house.However I will board Rips window for him tomorrow.

If you fed your dog enough she wouldn’t be trashing our houses.

You can take this whole issue and stick it up your butt!
P.S I still love you,

When your dog goes through my window and trashes my house – it is my business.I love you too asshole.

Let me be sure to drag Lucy out of the trash pile long enough to ask he if she’s been fed properly.

If that mutt Jackson can’t keep his fucking paws off our supper in the blue dome, I want him tied up.It’s not your fault but he is your responsibility – He’s been too expensive for our pockets!!!
Michael L.

I’m sorry about the pork chops.As for tying him up, you can completely forget it.Y’know Mikethis place isn’t a middle class suburban block with our ¼ acre little plots, and iron gates, and police locks.Loosen Up!

Recently a goodly number of houses have been trashed by people’s dogs.This is certainly too bad.But something should be done.I propose a shot in the pocket book.Owners will be responsible for all damages.

Cats and Mice


I am tired of seeing the local cats with their mitts in last night’s dinner or the butter, cheese, bread whatever.I am serious about taking them down the road.It’s about time someone did something.It’s far out to have a cat in your place as a mouser.But they are introducing their rot and disease by shitting in the house, sucking on our food, scratching their fleas and ticks all over the counter, having kittens in cupboards and murdering their offspring due to overpopulation.AND SITTING ON MY BABY.A FEW CATS ARE NICE BUT THIS IS UNREAL.

I feel that cats should not be allowed in the main house – the house was cleaned and within10 hrs. they barfed on the new rug and broke a vase.
Kittens are eating Oreos, drinking beer, and walking on the Journal.

I regret to say I think Mama Cat’s kittens are dead.She’s suffering from exhaustion, and I’ve looked everywhere for them across Page Mill too.I wish I could learn to accept these thinks like the animals do, too much city and too much unproductiveness on my part.So that makes two survivors out of 9.I think it’s different for a part domestic animal to take care of their babies in the wild.Maybe they will some day, maybe not.
Gods will be done.

Dear Owner of Charlie and Mama Cat,
I am fed up.Better get those cats fed and de-wormed.The last time I took cats away people objected.If you don’t like what I did my taking them down the road, then provide a better solution in the next couple of days.
If you don’t do anything about them now, don’t come to me later pissed off that I took them away.

Those cats wouldn’t know what to do with a square meal, let alone a rat.


Wake up this cold morning – don’t want to get out of bed – but Felix demands it, so here I am.
Windows are getting hammered into place preparing the main house for winter.No more kitty cats are gonna get in this house.


Marks black and white pet mouse has procreated with the wild mice.I saw a little tiny grey and white mouse crawling around today.

The main house is fucking infected with mice, it’s sickening and dangerous.

Eight mice bit the dust here in Black Mt. Ca. since the start of the giant mouse squishing campaign.General Payne states that it is impossible to tell exactly when this war will end because the enemy seems to be coming out of the woodwork.However, he feels confident of victory in the near future.

I got another beedy eyed buck private from the gray army and a creepy crawly captain too.
General Payne


Intro – Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make your crazy.


My truck cried out to me for attention on the way home, otherwise I’d have been here sooner.

How good to be home.San Francisco is one huge space station.Vicky and I waiting 3 hours for each other 2 blocks apart on Market St.Coming home loaded (with groceries), having to stop every 10 minutes to put water in the radiator, also eggs and oatmeal.Didn’t stop the leaks and sure messed the motor up.Smells like a short order grill now.But we’re home at last!

Got that radiator from the Backlands Rambler and put it into the Green Monster – seems to work – we’ll see.

Earl Dear,
Hope it is ok.I took your VW valve cover since I lost mine and wanted to try out my engine soon.Thanks.I should find mine soon and return yours.

My car blew a rear end today.50 smackers to fix!

Wind fog, clouds and cold.I have to get a compression tester, torque wrench, head gasket and masking tape.Anybody going to the flats?

The burnt truck is gone. I don’t have a clear picture as to what will become of the white metro van.If Steve hasn’t taken it away by the first I will be more than glad to tow it away as soon as possible.
I will be leaving Sat. morning for the Sierra. (I hope)…yes I will
I love you all,
Lenda Hand

Car Melodrama presents –The continuing adventures of the Chevrolet…which does not wish to work.The old battery is dead but the morning and I are burning with life.

Jenny’s car running now thanks to Whitney and a successful head transplant from Spares truck.That leaves only four disabled vehicles on Black Mt.
Awright Progress

Another day wrestling with my truck runs now, so I’m back up on the mountain.Tonight; a real bed, beers and shuffle board in La Honda!
Soon, soon I will lay down my wrenches and feed the cat and goat and watch myself and the little ones grow up.

Wild Bill supposed to be getting a truck next week, Earl getting his MG together, Black Mt. is rolling.

Well folks, the wreckers are taking my old car, Queen Jane, away today.She has been good to me for a free car.She still runs but I had a citation on her and couldn’t fix the million things wrong. I get a new old car on the 1st or so.
P.S.If someone would like to take me to do laundry anytime – I’d dig it.

VW is gone – 56 Ford gone; only one more left to go.


Hopes Dreams and Reality

Monday Jan. 5, 1972

Visiting fromBlackMt.north (alias Low Gap), glad to have the same problems but in miniature. Getting it together sure is hard even with commitment and trying. BlackMt.has already endured longer than most groups of its type. There has been some good magic happening here. If it’s ay consolation, I’ve never heard of any communes with it together and certainly never seen any. So far it’s just been sporadic good times and fond remembrances. Everybody says it’s impossible. Who will be the first to do it. MyhoBesides money,BlackMt.needs: a truck, a chain saw, apprentice plumbers, intrepid dishwashers, good cooks, and musicians, lumber a doorknob, etc. We should consider these things when recruiting new members. Probably Bl. Mt. does not need: more absentee tenants, more penniless vagrants, tool thieves, mud, abandoned vehicles, heavy drinkers, the plague etc. SpareEveryone is expected to sign the following. What I (secretly) most want to contribute toBlackMountainor do while living here…

Juan –Tom – plant apple treesDick DDick W.Patty – a babySpare – a truck, fix the waterEarl – Tzippy Vicky – have care and love for animalsJennifer–Dido –Storey – Fix up workshop, do woodwork, hold group encounters, performing workshops

Living here I’m getting some perspective back. Slowly. I was to attached, at first to an ego – idea of Bl. Mt. After that wore off I was attached to the beauty that became paralyzing -Tzipy

Planted eight apple trees in the garden with Bill after Margo left. Party at Pacific – drinking beer. I’m pissed at certain pigs here that make messes – leave shit to do so little positive. If they don’t grow, sprouting some positive energy – soon they will have to be pruned – like dead branches on any other tree… Tom


I still think there’s been too much talk about self-supporting and not enough physical energy (work), expelled.
Lenda Hand

BlackMountainBelongs to The People

Off the dead weight!

I apologize, but it would be nice if people lived here more, not used it as a stop over on their road

BlackMtn.Friends –

I have been here for awhile and have never contributed to this journal. Just some thoughts and feelings about this community and being here.

From what I know about the mtn’s past it seems obvious that recently there’s been quite a change here. It’s felt real nice to be a part of the change and I pray for you all that it will continue. It will.

It seems very important to me that everyone really feel strongly that this is their home. I mean even if it’s only for 3 months or 3 years. There’s so much to learn here. Be grateful for what you have cuz it’s very far out. I’ve enjoyed being here and thank you all muchly for all you’ve done for me. Hopefully I will see you all once again one place or another.

May love fill your hearts and carry you to a brighter day.



As always certain people have been out trying to get it together and by now they all realize some of the people here aren’t into trying to makeBlackMountaina community. There are those that want a home and some land in the country and those that want a quiet scenic place to rest their heads and do their own trips. Neither side is a majority or minority. By now that‘s an accepted fact of life onBlackMountain. However, we do all have a piece of the responsibility in maintaining our 23 acres.


Why isBlackMt.disintegrating (or so it appears). Why are some of the most stable and centered people considering leaving here? Yes Mary is right. There is really very little love between us. Why? Because very few of us have our shit together as individuals and as a result almost everybody is leaning on everybody else, particularly on those who stand up straightest.

Those people who usually wash the dishes, chop wood, or give real love a try or whatever are getting tired of being leaned on. Yes,BlackMountainis an environment that permits an almost open ended adolescence.

Right now we have a country crash pad that seems okay to everybody.


Basically I like it here at Bl. Mt. and the people are fine too. I’m sad to see people leaving but I don’t expect peoples coming and goings are ever going to freeze. It probably wouldn’t be such a good thing, even if it did happen.

I think it’s possible to have a coherence and real growth here even if people come and go. It’s kind of the nature of this place. I think whoever is here at any given time can keep it together.


I’m getting a little tired and feeling ripped off by all the drinking, partying and negative energy around here. Reminds me sometimes of my fraternity in college.

Bl. Mt. energy is scattered in 100 directions – any sort of community or communication seems almost coincidental! Generally I’m feeling we could have something here we don’t .

Let’s have a meeting and maybe a dinner together. We have things to discuss (eg. Possible sauna, garden, goats, fruit trees, water situation.

We could all work together building a working collective, community.


Home again and feeling good about it, particularly since last night. I felt the meeting was the most positive thing that has happened at Bl. Mt. since I’ve been here.

I felt like I for one, (and others) made some steps towards transcending some differences and resentments we have with some people. I hope that we can continue to grow responsible to each other.



Could we have a meeting for obvious reasons? Maybe we could have it at someone’s house.

Let’s have a meeting. Seems like we could at least be together enough to get all together at once.

Meeting tomorrow night. Michael wants to move in. Those present make decisions.

Meeting Tom. Closed – Bl. Mt. members only. Lots of things to talk about.

Housing, New Members, Trailer




insert_5_for_hopes,_dreams_&_reality.jpginsert 5
Black Mountain meeting notes 2.jpeg

It’s Party Time

Off to boogie again

Stoneground playing at Homer’s tonight. Let’s boogie.

Stoney weekend to Jessie Colin Young from Youngbloods. To party yesterday then on a mind excursion to Santa Barbra and a lot further. Thanks Neil, nice cocaine.

All day yesterday I spent at Keysar Stadium seeing the Grateful Dead and New Riders. What a fine show. The Dead played from 2-7:30. Had such a fine time!! Everyone was mellow

Barb. Called and said she’d be back tonight and for you to hang around. She has something important to talk to you about.
(is he a good lay, does he have money boy did we party)

Well, my theory didn’t work! I couldn’t drink my flu away. Now I have the flu and a hangover. So I am going to fast and meditate. Drinking not only doesn’t cure sickness, it doesn’t cure anything else either. Sick, sick, sick, sick…
When shall I be well again? Rip and Spare why are we all having such weird dreams?

Barbara, I have your hangover

Tzippy calls, is bringing wine and says “lets have a campfire tonight.

Wheres Tzippy?

At the pod with the wine.

We’re at Tzippys.

Ray’s pretty stoned out on vin=rose. Seems to have a nice rap but I just can’t seem to catch it with my pen.
I’m feeling more part of this community, than ever before, maybe it’s the wine, hopefully it’s the truth.

I regret to report that someone seems to have ripped off what was my largest marijuana plant. Since my poor little plants are in a totally out of the way place that strangers would be most unlikely to stumble upon, I am finding it very difficult to avoid the unpleasant conclusion that we have a bush bandit in our very mongst, as you might say! Curses upon the villain’s head into the seventh generations.

Can’t you realize that in most probability your “bush bandit in our mongst” is probably and animal that discovered a pleasant treasure amongst the grasses. Don’t be so quick to assume your being ripped of by a sister or brother.

My plants are gone again. This time it looked like an animal (which I guess we all are)

Fuck! Woke up this morning and noticed that some fucked up angel stole my heavenly marijuana plant. The tallest – maybe a foot and ½ , lots of branches and leaves, the full bush trip, God bless the person who did it cause I’d like to wring their fucking neck.

Could I borrow some marijuana seeds from you to grow? I’ll return them when they produce children.

Somebody pulled up and harvested half the grass in the greenhouse.

Helicopters flying low over the garden.

Sitting here in Stout Malt Country
Riding high on the Rainer River
Jesus the joints have been in along the waterfront
Too many beer nuts
Not enough cashews
More grass

Malcolm turns us on to four joints as Kevin and Jeff arrive

Don’t write notes about dope next to someone’s name in the Journal. You might incriminate them.

_ Concerning lid, please leave and I will give you $10.
got some rocket weed – three hits and you blast off.
_ says he has an ounce of dynamite weed for $15. If anyone is looking to score.

Saturday nights will be Event Night at the Long House.
This Saturday Movies. Next Saturday a band. People are also welcome to clean the Long House and set up for the show – Saturday afternoon. Lets start a performing workshop!

The crazy hobo clown
Was knocked out and down
But came around
When he heard about the party

Jeannie and myself thought it would be a good idea to have a deer barbecue and keger on Sat. Everyone on Bl. Mt. is invited of course. We’d like to end up with around 20 people or so.

Pot Luck tonight at 7:30. Medway Forrest is having a party this Saturday. We should cancel ours.

July 73
The party at Medway was far out and mellow. Saw a bunch of real nice friends, Lasagna, black berries, raw corn, pineapples, rice pudding, beer, all sorts of goodies. Good bands.
Tis really too bad the pigs had to come. Time to go when the cops arrive.
By the way I still haven’t had my Bambino.

You can’t shit these days without the pigs’ harassing. Good party – could have been out of sight.

Baba Ramjet from The Palace stopped by to say Hi. And did we get High.

The state of my union
Is high and united
Mushrooms and Angels
Combined and ignite

Showering sparks
Of knowledge and power
Expanding my spirit
From a seed to a flower

Dancing feet
And a soaring head
I got white light fever
So I’m going to bed..


The morning after the night before. Hey man some party, drinking coffee and smoking Reals. (Wonder where she went)

Up on Top of The Mountain Top

I’m on top of the mountain top
I drink my coffee
I rise up early in the dawn
But your not with me.

Down in the valley
I see you working
But you don’t see me

Why don’t you join me?
Way up on top of the mountain top
We’ll drink our coffee
We’ll rise up early in the dawn

We’ll see them working
Down in the Valley
But they won’t see us
They’ll be to busy

Ron Federighi

Zonked out after a night of visiting different realms of perception via mushrooms. I sit peacefully in the main house after a joint of stoney weed – just what I needed to bring my head up from mental exhaustion due to energy spent the night before. Now I peacefully buzz along in quiet contentment absorbing the night before and the day around me. The walls could cave in and I’d just quietly walk away.

Aldous Huxley on Mescaline – This is how one ought to see, how things really are…If one always saw like this, one would never want to be anything else. Just looking, just being…that would be enough.

High-Ho, Cleaned out a lot of my old rubbish in my mind and feelings, straightened out much past Karma I have been dragging about. It was a good trip: heavy day and a mellow night and today burns as brightly as ever a tomorrow seemed.

LSD is western yoga. The aim of all eastern religion, like the aim of LSD, is basically to het high; that is to expand your consciousness and find ecstasy and revelations within.
Timothy Leary

Well! It’s all happening on Black Mt. Yeah! Steak and Eggs yeah! All your ghosts are here Yeah! Strange ghouls. Even people you never met – strange…give me the creeps but I’m on acid so I guess that’s nothing new.
This is great! even my steak is rare.
Who gives a fuck!
Well here I am!

LSD – this drug seems to do for each person what the person needs. It is certainly not enough to have psychedelic ecstasies: In fact, they have meant nothing to many individuals, and have harmed some, but those who have approached the experience with a receptive mind have often found meaning and liberation, even in the most prosaic everyday life.
Aldous Huxley

She hid in the closet
Every night
She played in the garbage
And wanted to fight
She loved it at Stone Henge
So cold and so hard
Now she’s a big hit at Agnew
When she plays in the yard.
Twas a Saturday evening
The first of June’
I’m lucky its warm
Cause my towel is the moon.

Since sun up this morning
It’s been tough all day through
I’ve forgotten my towel
What’s a wet person to do?

Use a main house towel?
No fucking way
Dry off with that
I’ll be itching till May

So it’s deep dry by the Journal
And write by the moon
It’s a nice bright night
But I hope I’m dry soon
Wet Willie

The moon is trying with all its might, to pull me out into it’s night.
Its energy has me in a trance, and fills my head with far off chants.
This special hill does call to me, to come and sit and just be.
To be myself, to be aware; to sit up here without a care.
And to feel this place for what it is, and take in all it has to give.
It’s peaceful here, just feel the breeze, stop and listen to the trees.
The shadows all do come alive and do their dances on the hillsides.
Grasses in the gentle breeze, blowing lightly on this summer’s eve.
Oh the moon it is full, I feel its pull – just me alone on Lone Oak Hill.

There was a little girl lost in the night
With only a silver flashlight
She was filled with brew
And knew not what to do
Suddenly she met a man
Who extended his hand
And led her across The Land.

I was flying to the moon
And building castles in the sky
I was a fine young warrior
Screaming my war cry
I found ruby’s in the jungle
And pearls beneath the sea
But one day I found your love
And it was more than enough for me

Wed night – tonight, its potluck at the Backlands and they have a meeting.
It would be neighborly if any of us felt like joining them. I myself feel the urge perhaps need to be closer to the people of The Land and Struggle. They are mainly high positive energy and love, and we have many areas of mutual interest, country comforts, mountain mania, fun, frolic and survival besides basic needs of touching and smiling and looking into eyes that say yes.
These are magic mountains
Magic days and voodoo nights
Sacred life and sacred people
Holy Love

Nice Halloween Party, Peyote and Sauna

Miraculous repentances:

Trucking back from the sea
Looking at the universal salient
Paying homage
To rock my soul
I see the evil which lurks
In the heart of mine
One more acid trip
Or is it one more trip to the sea
Or is it one more trip
Cover the distance
Your beat is your heart
Your rhythm is your feet
Your mind is your amplifier
Don’t distort the sound
Don’t distort the reception
I’ll walk some more

Tonight’s the nightParty at Blue Dome around 7:30 Homemade Kahlua and cream provided

Boogi – Long hall – Sat. April10th 8:00 o - $1.00 admission. Loose Elton, Longhouse Band too! How about you!?

Febuary 1976 1.jpeg

Oh hoe we gonna fly
Buy me a flute and a gun that toots

The way you did the shing – a ling

Sunday Night:

After a three day/night party at hideout mountain, drenched, muddy, watching flying saucers, LSD , Southern comfort, the world whirs on, whirs on that is, on and on, all friendly stars in the windy universe. “Neil Hopalong Cassidy walks thru, laughs, and has taken me out the font door.” Keep rolling before you get rolled…remember the winking eye of god.

I don’t care what’s right or wrong
I don’t try to understand
Let the devil take tomorrow
Help me make it through the night.

We went to the concert and there was Jesus Christ in a pink satin shirt taking the sins of the multitudes upon his back and giving out this high energy. The room was filled with compelling music. We jumped up and down and joined the crowd, Mick Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones.
Later: cold wind, sun and silence

Sun 8/19
Nice day, Jude, whoever you are,. Long drive around the now – known world last night. Atlantean spirits sabotaged my truck and we were late for Charles Lloyd but somehow, I got by.

Such incredible weather. Yea God.
I’m going to Cupertino tonight to dig Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge if anyone cares to go. Going to S. F. either later tonight or at 5 am to boogie in the streets with Glide Church and the Staple Singers.

Flashes of Tracy Nelson
Chateau Liberte
Star Hill Sat. night – Saw Mill

Mouontain Gazette 1.jpeg

Spring Festival Sunday 10-6 Duvanac Ranch near Foothill College on Moody Rd.

Had a beautiful day today. Went and saw Jerry Garcia at Homers. He was fantastic as always.

You all should have stayed. Just as he (Jerry Garcia) was coming on for his last set, they took an outrageous break that lasted for 45 minutes. Doug came up and said, “I just smoked a joint and it took me years to walk over here.” So I said “let me see that joint, I’ll get it goin and see how good it is.” Much to my surprise I was cast into intergalactic travels. PCP
Haven’t attained such a state of Euphoria since Yosemite this summer. Jerry Garcia Sensational. Best Music Ever. Last set lasted for ions of time…floating in space so free and easy.


Angels in La Honda!

Hill Monsters

Black Mountain was not immune from antagonistic outside forces with homegrown roots. The lazare-faire non-violent nature of the communal movement left it vulnerable to power trippin bullies on alcohol fueled trips. Some communes had to deal with biker gangs like the Hell's Angels or Gypsy Jokers. On Black Mt. we had to deal with the Hill Monsters…hard drinkin and drugin rowdy red neck mothers. The Hill Monsters despised what they perceived as some of the more self-righteous we’ve got all the answers hippie types.
The Hill Monsters were okay when they weren’t drinking but the problem was they were almost always drinking. As individuals they could be all right. Collectively they were a drag. To many Dr. Jecklys and Mr. Hydes fueled by various blends of alcohol created some volatile situations on Black Mt. White Port Boogies were the worst.
By early 1973 no more Hill Monsters were living on Black Mt.., most of their drunken escapades and rampages were happening at Hideout Mountain, Unfortunately they continued to keep in touch. Hideout Mt. was way out in the boonies; in the Portola Heights area off south skyline . Too fucked up to make it home or not fucked up enough to call it a night; the Hill Monsters would bring the party to the Main House at Black Mt. where nobody lived.
Eventually they burned out, faded away, went to jail, OD d or cleaned up their acts. Danny O’Rourke…may he rest in peace…was the leader of the pack. Danny had a dog-named Damn It; his sidekick Glenn had a wolf named Billy Jack.
Danny had a gift for performing violent and stupid spontaneous acts. One day he heard a rattler going off in a woodpile and decided he needed a new headband. Danny killed the rattlesnake but not before it bitt him. Rushed to the emergency room- Danny survived only to enlist in the military where he died playing Russian roulette.

The following Journal entries are illustrative of the mind-set and problems the Hill Monsters created for Black Mountaineers.

Last night we played cards and under the influence of alcohol and opiates. Looked at Schuman – out on the couch. We decided that each one of us has been taking ourselves to seriously. Never Again!

Some of us are really fuckin tired of drunken people and bored with the rap of “How I got wasted last night. Bored.

How can somebody be tired of drunken people when they are not around to see the people when they are drunk? I will not defend my position passively however. I will be aggressive. Fuck you Elitist Pig. Be bored with the rap. Fine. But stop degenerating to a feeling of isolation, superiority and vain self-righteousness. You’ll reap what you sow. Quite a few of us know there is no intelligent life in self-pity. But there is strength in acknowledging self-truth. Look to yourself and get out the opener, my dear “Tin Pan Alley Cat.” You need moments of truth too. You Jerk.

Got back from two weeks in Santa Maria only to find unrest among the natives. So sad. I have been informed of the whole trip and and my opinion has been stated but in case I’m not here for the “meeting” Thursday, let me state it here. I don’t like violence! I don’t like people showing my son pornographic pictures! If your mind is that distorted please don’t take it out on innocent children. I love to party as much as anyone but I don’t like the violence. I’ve seen cone down with the White-Port boogies.
Tom – I think it’s unfair that you or anyone else should live here and not pay the full $40.00 a month rent.

On so thin a thread does fate hang. The party will be no party (here). People will arrive on Friday but it’s just not going to happen here. Oh well! Go to where the parties at or sit in nothingness. On so thin a thread does fate hang.

There still may be a party here at Tom’s house Friday, Tonm who has lived here about 4 years longer than a few certain people who have recently immigrated to these hills, no offense, but please leave me alone…

Party will not exceed boundaries towards main house.

The police can be informed nowhere the beer busts is.

Gimmy the dope 2.jpeg

Mucho Macho

Eyes are insane
He’s not real warm
Got muscles for brains
He’s quite easily alarmed
Mucho Macho’s
Been run over
He’s gotta unwind
He can’t stay sober
And forget tough tines

Feeling tough
Looking tough
Being gruff
Having had enough

Real Big Deal
Opens the door
Bounces on his heals
Takes the floor

Strutting around
He’s the king
Never looks down
He’s ready to swing

Hearing them say
Look at him
Who’s he harmed!
Where’s he been!

Could be armed
Heads for the bar
Growls for a drink
Making me think

Mucho Macho’s
Hard as a rock
Paid his dues
Thinks with his cock
Bound to loose!

Potluck party at Hideout Friday night 21st.! Lots of cursing, shouting and senseless tantrums guarantied.

To pissed off to enjoy anything. no more fistfights over dinner.

OK kiddies time for some old off the wall oldies but goodies – like for instance – I bet you all heard the rumor that the wars over…so much for that one.

Tom kicked in the wall by the phone – for fun last night

Malt liquor 1.jpeg

Going out to Hideout to drink some whiskey and all that stuff
Hill Monsters

Not wanted
Dead or Alive

By order of Danny ’Rourke

Danny O' Rourke 1.jpeg

New Years Resolutions for a newly appointed Monster Sherriff

I. Dry out a bit
II. Evict the scabies
III. Make a few bucks by the sweat of the brow
IV. Remember paying rent or taxes is not my bag
V. Quit kissing Ass
VI. Start kicking Ass

Hill Monster Treasury gets $250.00, gift from bank, wild time in town Tues. night.

Chuck Lyons may be hitching to Mel’s liquor for whiskey with his new top hat.

Terry (Indian) Wasson and Danny (Irish) O’Rourke were here last night and raised hell.

Holding my $1.14 from Danny for a bottle of American Tawny Port, if the police come for me, I’ve moved to Mendocino, please. Lots of flowers everywhere, “the tea is good”

Think Gallo white port!
Terry Wasson

Argumentative pushy negativity bums out a possible celebration as babies wail throughout the world. Misery and suffering reaffirmed by no goodniks drones and malcontents, consciousness plummets.

Hello Bl. Mt. – What a dump! Clean it up so I can mess it up
Tom and Spike

Dear Friend
Please notice the shit is picked up from the front yard. From now on please carry your ass over to the shitter and dump your loads there.

Sure is a nice daze. The bells are ringing
The flies are singing
And you all suck

Keep your fucking wolf away from our goat, He was attacking her and drew blood. If anything happens to her I guarantee you the same will happen to your wolf.

Sign your name chicken shit.

You to asshole

Court, Rip, Chris, Barb, Melody, Richard, etc., etc.

Time to have Toms mail sent someplace else.

Who’s the fucking sadist who threw darts in the painting I put in the main house. It’s assholes like you that make people feel separate from each other. For Xmas I gave Bl. Mt. an easel and its in the back room cracked now.
Whoever it is that does things like this kindly get into something constructive to occupy yourself. You may find you no longer need to destroy things that others have put their own time and energy into.

Three guesses who did it. I hate to be rude but…The isolation you already feel has come about because of your boyfriend Glenn and his pet wolf Billy Jack.
Along with them come the rest of the Hideout gang – devoted to the disruption of anything we get going which is what ever body here warned you of – before you fell madly in love with someone we have spent months trying to keep out of here.

Not long afterwards Glenn Od’d in the restroom of a sleazy bar in Redwood City

The process of moving in:

(Black Mountain Journal)
ink drawing in journal 1.jpeg

Friday Morning
Nobody here; so quiet you can almost here the cats digesting their ohonomi pancakes. Is the season of the witch over? Will Ralph find true happiness? Tune in next week when you’ll hear someone say, “Hi, I’m looking for a place to live.

Hello my name is Michael and I need a mellow place to live. I am into kids and teaching and would be able to pay as much as $100.00 per month for rent. I am mostly a quiet person (Libra), easy to get along with and willing to contribute my share of energy and would like to see if it could work out.

Howdy folks my name is Tom. I am interested in living in the vacant Blue and orange Dome. I am a Stanford employee with a steady job financially secure (can pay rent) I am fairly mellow, enjoy my privacy, like hard work and cool people.
Looking for a different lifestyle than I have. You people seem like where I’m.
Moving to Israel in November or December on a Kibbutz, so I want to get used to living in a group situation. I hope you will accept me. If you want to contact me—
Tom Page

Howdy, my name is David and I was hitchhiking when Alice picked me up. She told me about this place and I grew very interested. I’ve been looking around for a place to live in the hills and this sounded nice.
I’m into a lot of art and have been recently pain ting signs for money. Anyway I’d like to meet you all and discuss this further.

Hale with the green pickup wants to move on to B.M, would like Sparrows house, but if Laurie is thinking of moving he would take the tent. Seems very mellow, is learning carpentry – probably good energy for us. I’m for it.

Somebody please tell Mary at our very informal B.M. meeting it was heartily decided that we want Hale to move into my old house. Dear Laura we will find a place for you to warm your soul now and then not to mention your fingers and toes.

Mary Kay is among the missing – she went to Seattle area for Christmas and never returned. Her sister doesn’t think she’s coming back this way – not soon anyhow. I talked to Steve at Ana’s tonight; he’s coming up to Black Mt. tomorrow. Anyone interested in showing him around, should be around. He’s a nice young man.
Think we need a woman or 2 more?
Lets get it together.
Message from your sister Jo

Steve Hirshell and his old lady visited and dug the tree house and I said he could take Mary Kay’s place there for a month. Now it seems Patty is staying on longer, Patty, please let us know your plans. If you are still going east it is cool for Steve to stay in the tree house? He will pay your rent. If you are, when could he come?

If Steve arrives before we straighten this out with Patty he said he would be up today – Mon. Tell him it’s not settled yet.

My name is Eric Peterson. I have just been wed and me wife’s name is Linda. We have visited this pleasant little Vale on three separate occasions and wish to make it me home.
We have looked at the abandoned building and wish to reconstruct it.
Now we wait outside the gate and wonder at the wall. I play piano, Linda plays flute….
We are ready now to rebuild with the materials, which are about. Here in a “month probationary “ fashion. If at the end of that trial we find one another agreeably, then I would find that excellent.
In the interest of friendship and community,

If I had a hammer!

Hello! I am interested in fixing up or living in the dome or in the little house.
Nancy 967-6426

Jim from Pacifica called. He’s interested in rebuilding the clear dome. He’s a carpenter. He’ll be here today (Sunday) about 1:00 pm to check it out and meet us all. He sounds pretty far out.

I have a friend who very much wants to park his house trailer here at B.M Actually if the dome is still open he would rather have that. He could and will if possible move in tomorrow and pay $40.00.
His name is David Fote (some of you may know him) and he’s from Skylonda. He is a good guy, and good worker and I know he would be an asset to the community. He is hip to the trial period and working.
P.S. I’ve known the guy for a year now. Please sign below.

Bob and Carol visiting have a camper (city bus) and would like a place to park for 4 months – like the place. They seemed nice – told them to come meet everybody. Bob and Carol are willing to pay a small ($20.00 - $25.00) rent!

How about Ted and Alice?

I really want Eddy to live here.

Let him live in your house baby.

We would like to live up here to find some real people in a happy loving trip.

Attention Black Mountain Folks!
Smokey has been fired from his job in the flats and is now a happy member of the elite club of unemployment. He is very interested in moving up to Black Mountain where he fits in. He will be up Monday night to talk things over.
Lets hear it for Smokey
Cindy – yes

I spent so much time here I feel as if I do live here. I enjoy the people and all they have to offer. Living on the same land with my brothers (Rip and Michael) is beautiful. I feel my friends are here and I want to be where they are. It may take me awhile to get used to this type of life but I want to live it.
As far as I know there are two houses for rent. Richards and soon Chris will be moving to the Southside, which will leave his house. I realize Marty is coming home and should have first pick. I’m really unsure what’s happening now. I would like to sit down with everyone soon and see what can be worked out. I have to say I do favor Richards. We’ll see what happens?
(Moves into Richards, which used to be Hale’s)
Tommy King.jpg

Those who could not attend the meeting on Sunday please vote here on:
Dean living here: or Renee living here

Dean living here:
Yes, a good person I’d like to see him live here - Barb
Huh, yes, Dean’s a good egg – Rip
Yes – Good man – Chris
Yes – Peach

Renee living here:
No – Rip

No, after much though and discussion with people this is my decision although I like Renee. – Barb

Abstained – Haven’t know her well enough but truly like her – Chris

Renee doesn’t live here anymore and hasn’t for a long time so there is no need to make a judgment. It doesn’t apply.

“Fuck” Black Mountain,
Who are you to put people on trial? I don’t care if you like me or don’t.
I don’t want to get to know you, so don’t bother getting to know me.

Can’t get no Satisfaction

Black Mt. Friends and Lovers,
I think it’s about time we straighten up our business. There are a lot of hostilities going down, people siding up against each other, passing around rumors and just generally acting like a bunch of fraternity boys or sorority girls. I’ve stayed out of it this long but the situation is becoming UNREAL.
The people living on the property should at least be able to get along. This fucking journal is the source of most communication, which I don’t dig. If there are decisions to be made, we should come together to make them, not put a questionnaire in the journal. And when we do it, I feel strongly that just the people living here are present. Maybe if we ever get to the point with just B.M folks we can include others. All the people living here have probably NEVER ONCE been together at one time. Once we get our shit together maybe we can include others.
There are people living here who throw their weight around and shove their ideas on others. Why not let people come to their own concussions?
When we are discussing who moves here, it’s a lot more important than people seem to think. You can’t go writing, :”I like him, let him live here” or “no she’s not my type.” Fuck that shit. Sometimes I feel like burning this book.
Right now we have a bunch of people living together who don’t get along with each other. That wouldn’t have happened if we wouldn’t be so quick to invite people to live here. And I’m not saying that I personally don’t want to live with any one person here. But if there is a obvious friction with some of the others that live here, even if I really love the person, I wouldn’t want them to live here. There is enough segregation as it is. We don’t need no Civil War at Black Mt.
Maybe when the people who are gone come back from their trips we can get together. Maybe also all of us bad ass people who look at death with a smile, can hold our shit together enough to not run out of the room hysterically in the middle of the meeting. A Black Mtn. meeting doesn’t have to be the end of the world…

Another vote in the Journal
It’s hard to turn a friend away in need of a home yet I feel it’s important for us to vote looking a the whole community before filling a vacant space. Being so small every individual counts. I feel we need to ask ourselves what Black Mountain needs. Do we need more children, singles, couples, skills, tools, love, vehicles, or energy dependents? Can we take in people needing, love, our energy and us, are we strong enough or would we become drained?
I wish I felt we were strong enough to except you in Melinda. I think we’re more in need of someone (male or female) with more skills a vehicle, a more solid sense of community and a respect for this land. Someone everyone would agree and know would be good here. I ‘m not ruling out that you couldn’t be a benefit here, just that I don’t feel we can ignore rumors of your previous attempts at communal living and take that chance.
Melinda, I’m sorry for I do like you a lot yet have to say no.
In the main house.jpg

I get good vibes – I don’t want to do the politician trip – so Melinda I get good vibes, yes

Greg you asked my opinion, I think you said it well.
Lenda Hand

I have trouble staying around BM for any length of time because of screaming kids running all over the place. I know their just having a good time and should be able to yell and scream to their hearts content but I always find it necessary to escape to the corners. I don’t particularly like other peoples kids. Kids make me nervous.
Your ok though – I’m glad to meet you and hope to see you around but any vote as to you living here is no.

(Melinda does not move in)

As everybody is probably already aware, I had a head on collision Sat. nite. I was struck in Ben Lomond for four days and getting really upset with the man who hit me for not keeping his promise to be back the next day. But I guess fate wanted this to happen to me because I am now definitely sure that I don’t want to live with John again. I was homesick for Blk. Mt.
My trial month here is nearly up, I really like being here, I love my cabin which is my fantasies come to life, I like the people, I feel good happy and energetic. Next week I have arranged to earn my rent for March – if my trial is over and I am accepted as a member of the community, please let me know (or if not) I should like to stay here as long as it feels good.

Alice in the snow.jpg

Cindy’s brother Bobby is interested in Moose Tree Lodge. He will pay for two months right off the bat. He will be staying with us at the blue dome for a few days to give people a chance to meet and know him.

Bobby hasn’t shown up yet and he hasn’t called. I’m pissed off at him! Maybe he and Cindy (his wife) got it back together. I hope not; before they do that they should get their trips straight. At any rate, I will let you know as soon as I find out!
Love you all,

I can definitely appreciate the situation Bobby and Cindy are in, having just been there myself. May I suggest Bobby consider the Boat as temporary quarters. He has carpentry skills and he might enjoy rebuilding it. He could use the wood stove that came from the shed as I am using an oil heater and had only planned to use it to burn trash. He’ll need stovepipe for it.

Friday morning Bobby showed up. He will be staying with us for a few days, then if everyone approves he will move into Moose tree. He has a wood burner.

I feel a tinge of guilt at having moved into Moose tree yet feel like my need for a place is as great as Bobby’s. I had been here for a week expressing my desire to live here and now feel very comfortable and settled. I am happy here and I thank everyone for giving me that opportunity. I think for Bobby to come stay at Blk. Mt. accepting what is available temporarily that he would find it easier to adjust to a different style of living. (ie few conveniences)

I’m sure nobody here would dispute the fact that Alice had been accepted when Bobby showed up. At which time Michael wrote several notes stating Bobby would pay two months rent, Bobby has his own stove, and if there aren’t any objections he’ll move into Moose Tree on a trial basis.
Possibly Alice’s acceptance wasn’t formal enough for Michael or he just wasn’t in touch with his neighbors. In any event my introduction to Bobby pretty much consisted of hello how are you. I know nothing about the guy. He said nothing at the meeting. To my knowledge he has placed zero energy in Blk Mt. or it’s people.

I think you should let Bobby do some talking. I haven’t heard anything from him since the meeting. Most people who want to live at BM make themselves known. I have only seen him twice.
It’s not just a matter of money – it’s presence.

Mud Slinging.jpeg

I can’t believe all this bullshit –
Grown men and women chastising each other for everything and anything, instead of devoting all that valuable energy on improving themselves, and trying to devote more positive energy to this place, instead of thinking o clever and witty ways of tearing each other down.
If conflicts do exist, why the fuck doesn’t someone call a meeting, talk about the problems face to face instead of leaving chicken shit notes to each other?
You want this to be a community or a nursery school battling ground.

P.S. Who the fuck ripped off Cindy’s and my food? If you need food ask us. Rip offs are fucked! Get off this property! If I catch you, I’ll get your ass.
I don’t want to have to lock my house.
Also would whoever has our bread pan please return it?

No meeting Sunday. I take it back. All back. I’m sorry I wont call anymore meetings.
Never, Never, Never, Never….
Stop picking on me.
As far as I am concerned Alice, you are a beautiful member of our community, and I would be happy to see you stay.
Hope things work out about the accident, and I’m happy for you that you feel sure about what you’re doing.
The strength of conviction is a true blessing.