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Ummm... You know, Tell us a story!

03 Jan 13: RowanForest gives a great memoir of the early days at Skyline as a Movable Feast.

Beginnings - Folks tell how they came to be part of all this

Catching Up - What have we been doing for thirty years?

Bull Tales - Tiny Mendosa and the herd that shared The Land with us

Loose Change - Other assorted stories

There are other stories, tangential to The Land, with far fewer people to tell them (all the more important then, hmmm?).

The L. A. Draft Resistance:

The Pasadena Quaker Sanctuary (Whittier too...)

Beulah (maybe she is a place... or a person?)

Well, Buelah was a bus, but she was named after a person; a waitress in Arizona. It was on one of her trips to Arizona to visit draft resisters imprisoned at Safford that she was named.

The Institute for the Study of Non-Violence (how come there is no history online for it?)

Court Days

Bulldozer stories

Many more...

Each of those could have a photo or two (unlikely!), and a short description, linked to its page.

The LA Resistance, for example, will have photos (Neil?) and a list of people who have a story about it.

Each person's name will take you to the LA Resistance story on that person's page (see the concept on the Beginnings page - just use the story name instead of the word beginnings... like [[#laresistance]]