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Press Clippings

Here are a few press clippings of The Land.

GV = GrapeVine
PAX = Palo Alto Times
EX = San Francisco Examiner
MERC = San Jose Mercury
SD = Stanford Daily
CHRON = San Francisco Chronicle
TC = Los Altos Town Crier
PTT = Peninsula Times Tribune
NYTM = New York Times Magazine
SMCT = San Mateo County Times
PBS = Public Broadcasting System

IC = Foundation for Intentional Community

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GV_06-74 - A Fable from The Land
TC_09-18-74 - Lifestyle Clash May Lead to Eviction of 'Free' Life Homesteaders in Hills
PAX_09-21-74 - Open Space Zoning Battle Linked to Palo Alto Eviction Campaign
GV 10-74 - City Plans Rural Evictions
PAX_10-21-74 - Complications Mount
MERC_10-30-74 - P.A. Commune Warned to Change--Or Vacate
GV_12-74 - The Land Speaks
PAX_12-13-74 - Communal Citizens of Hills Land Appeal to City not to Evict Them
PAX_12-16-74 - The Land's People Talk Adaptation


PAX_01-75 - Squatters Face Eviction if Land Changes Owners


PAX_10-15-76 - Commune Dwellers Block Bulldozer
PAX_10-20-76 - Palo Alto Sued to Enforce City Codes on Commune
PAX_10-25-76 - Commune Eviction Attempts Illegal, Attorney Claims
SD_10-27-76 - Commune Given Notice
PAX_11-02-76 - 'The Land' Buildings Must Go
PAX_11-17-76 - Court OKs Removing 'The Land' Buildings
SD__11-17-76 - Court Denies Land Group 'Stay' Request
PAX_11-19-76 - The Land Residents Appeal Demolition
EX_11-19-76 - Palo Alto Wants Them Out
PAX_12-08-76 - Court Hearing Continued in Eviction Suit Challenge
PAX_12-13-76 - The Land People get Yule 'Gift'


PAX_01-18-77 - Court Urged to Hold Palo Alto in Contempt
GV_02-77 - How The Land was Born
PAX_03-25-77 - Attorneys' Meeting Called in Land Case
PAX_04-06-77 - Park District Moves to Buy Page Mill Site
PAX_04-11-77 - A Potentially Great Land Buy
PAX_04-12-77 - Safeguards Sought by Residents
PAX_04-14-77 - Open Space District Plans Ambitious Land Purchases
GV_05-77 - How 'The Grench' Stole 'The Land'
PAX_05-07-77 - Ex-Aide of Park District Now Helping The Land
MERC_05-09-77 - Ex-Official to Aid Evictees
EX_05-10-77 - 'The Land' Residents Prepare Defense
PAX_05-25-77 - Summary Judgment Denied in Eviction Battle Involving Residents in The Land Community
PAX_05-28-77 - Pretrial Hearing on 'Land' Reset
PAX_07-08-77 - City Hit for Slack Codes
PAX_07-11-77 - End Buck-Passing on 'The Land'
PAX_08-05-77 - Land Settlers Guilty; Must Pay Damages
PAX_08-06-77 - Land Settlers May Have a Few Weeks to Leave
PAX_08-22-77 - Land Purchase Set by Open Space District
PAX_09-08-77 - 'Land' Residents File $3.3 Million Suit
PAX_09-20-77 - Eviction Notices to Go Up on 'Land'
PAX_09-22-77 - Eviction Notices Posted on Homes at 'The Land'
PAX_09-26-77 - Residents of The Land Seek Delay in Eviction Order
CHRON_09-27-77 - Peninsula Group Seeks Eviction Stay
PAX_09-28-77 - The Land's Last Stand; Some Have Already Left
CHRON_09-29-77 - Cliff-Hanger Ruling Reprieves 'The Land'
PAX_09-29-77 - Land Residents Get Eviction Delay
PAX_09-30-77 - Landowner's Attorney Rips Residents of Settlement
PAX_10-05-77 - Judge Clears Way for Eviction of Residents on The Land
PAX_10-11-77 - Eviction Notices to Go Up Again
PAX_10-13-77 - New Eviction Deadline
PAX_11-16-77 - Land Resident Returns, Accused of Tresspassing
PAX_11-22-77 - Demolition of Most Buildings on The Land to be Asked
PAX_11-23-77 - Park District May Save Two Buildings at The Land
PAX_12-01-77 - A Bulldozer Rumbles
PAX_12-02-77 - The Land Demonstrators Arrested
PAX_12-03-77 - Director of Agency Threatened
PAX_12-10-77 - Fire Destroys 'Land' Buildings
MERC_12-11-77 - Arson Fires Destroy Five Homes Used by 'The Land' Commune
PAX_12-15-77 - Eulogy for The Land Provokes Mixed Reaction at Park Meet


PAX_01-23-78 - Judge Drops Trespassing Charges Against Land Residents
PAX_02-22-78 - Fire Hazard is Real
PAX_02-22-78a - Former 'Land' Resident Accuses Park District of $800,000 Waste
PAX_02-23-78 - Letter Charges Park Board with Waste, Cover-Up
PAX_02-24-78 - Open Space Agency Closed?
PAX_03-02-78 - District Accuser Apologizes
PAX_03-03-78 - Thickets of Suspicions
PAX_03-03-78a - Park District Exonerated of 'Waste' in Times Probe
PAX_03-14-78 - Former Land Residents Seek $1 Million Damage
PAX_03-17-78 - Must Sellers Beware?
PAX_03-23-78 - Open Space Board Declares $1 Million Claim Invalid
PAX_04-12-78 - District Responds to Land Charges
PAX_04-13-78 - Trustees Issue Response to Charges Over Land Deal
PAX_04-27-78 - Disctrict Asked to Provide Housing
NYTM_06-11-78 - The Short Happy Life of a Child of 'The Land'
PAX_08-10-78 - Park District Will Pay Land Claims


PTT_09-27-79 - Old Feud Resurfaces in Palo Alto


SMCT 06-10-08 - Back to The Land

IC 07-17-08 - Back to "The Land" --- Sixties Commune Reunion


PBS_10-14-09 - American Masters: Joan Baez, How Sweet the Sound (What’s not spelled out in the film is that the scene was shot at Struggle Mountain, the northern California commune where Joan and David lived together while they were married. It’s hard to say if the conversation would have been different if we had shot it somewhere else, but I believe that the immediacy of the location allowed a certain openness in the conversation that would have felt stilted and false in a television studio or some other hired location. --- Filmmaker Mary Wharton)