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New Visions

A good place for explorations, inspirations, ruminations, meditations about new paths, collective action, field trips into the future, fun stuff, small thoughts or grand ideas, whatever. No holds barred!

Rio: This comes under the category of ruminations. I keep thinking (it's because I'm a book editor) that this playground wants to become a book, with all our incredible sagas and spectacular images in a permanent physical form. The other day I showed Neil's and Winter's and Sonny's early tales and an essay of Court's to a colleague and we were marveling at the quality of writing -- and those were just random examples. Someone needs to tell the authentic story of that time, because it's never been done right. But it is being told here.
The content is here. The question is whether a publisher would be smart enough to pick it up or we'd have to come up with $30-40,000 to do it ourselves.
.... or is it more suited to a Ken Burns-type documentary? (No relation, or he'd surely have been at The Land with Stewart and Rain and Mecca and me.)
At the same time, the wiki has the great feeling of a marketplace where everyone has set up shop to trade tales and images and ideas -- may it stay alive and vibrant for years.

Maybe by the next reunion our wiki site can be made into a book. It’s only 2 years a way but a good project to put our energy into. It would mean getting your stories in if you want to be a part, and also finding more people. It think it’s a wonderful site and still has many possibilities for showing the younger generation who we were and what we stood for. Please be a part of helping with this and adding your knowledge and talents to this project.

IMHO, paper print is dead. But if you want a niche book on the cheap, you can't beat **this**.

New Visions

Wow! Obama just won the election last night so I’m feeling pretty hopeful of the future. During the last 8 years it has been hard to imagine that we might even have a future. Now we can start dreaming. Obama talked about what his kids’ future would be like if they live to see the next century. He suggested picturing how we would like to see the world and working towards it.
I hope you all will take the time to add to your vision to this page. This is where we can create and dream it into the future.

World wide I see a planet that respects the environment, helps the aging and the poor, as well as helping everyone get a good education and good heath care. I would like to see peace and prosperity for the entire plane, with opportunity for all. The planet needs a lot of healing but where better to start than with our own community of like minded people. We shared a vision and life style once before why not again?
I see for our community, once again living on a piece of property together, sharing our talents, skills, ideas, tools, resources, and friendship. It’s a great way to live, and we may all benefit from things we had in our youth once again as we age.
I for one do not want to count on the homes for aging that are available now. I would rather start building one ourselves while we are still young enough to do so. One with workshops, and music rooms, and gardens like before, but making sure we have individual space. We may have heath issues, so nurses and health care would be important. Hopefully by then universal health care will be a given. We should have saunas, hot tubs, and pools in the public areas as well. Maybe we can take over an old resort of some sort. Gardens should be in the center area and shared tools,. I don’t know where or how this might happen, but this is my dream.
I already still live with community at Struggle, but would rather pass this on to the younger generation coming up, and start creating one that will fit our needs 20-30 years from now. By that time, it might be too late. I’m not sure where to start except for with the vision, and to see if anyone else shares in this..
I feel like most of us have now raised our kids, and will be retiring soon and might begin looking at how they may want to live during these years. If you think it might be communal again then let’s get busy. The old model retirement community does nothing for me. We need good music, good food, good politics, and creative outlets,
Please join me in adding your visions to this page. Anything is possible but first we must dream it.