Struggle Mountain's 2015 Halloween Party

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Struggle Mountain's 2015 Halloween Party

Velia with tinman and Scarecrow.jpg
High priestess at our entrance with scarecrow and tin man
Halloween fell on a Saturday night so our party was actually on OCT. 31st. Not always the case. We also lucked out in getting a beautiful night for a party. Not too cold and clears sky’s. The rain didn’t hit till Sunday night.

Danny and friends playing outside.jpg

This year started a little different with Danny Lynch and friends playing acoustic music on the front porch as people came. We had some outside tables so people could sit and enjoy the night and his bluegrass music before the party really got going. Danny ‘s getting pretty good these days on the fiddle.

Danny Lynch playing.jpg
Danny Lynch

Deanna and Gary.jpg

Gary and Deanna having drinks at the tables out front.

Pam and Mike.jpg
Pam and Mike out on the bench

Sue and Willie on bench.jpg
Sue and Willie enjoying their wine on the bench

lettuce wraps.jpg
Neighbors and good friends Pam and Mike brought tofu
Vegie wraps as early appetizers

Other dishes were a good looking brain and skull dish, made by Karin

karen with skull dish.jpg
Bumble Bee Karin with her skull dish appetizer


The Music
Jody and drummer Marc set up in the living room to do a set starting around 8:30. Jody has been playing our Halloween Parties for
over 40 years. Has a video of the Best Part of Loving coming out soon.

Just his song not the video

Jody can be a big sound even with just two people playing.


Audra about to fire dance.jpg

After Jody played we went outside and joined a circle around Audra to watch her fire dance.

(Photo by Chuck)

Audra was able to do her wonderful fire dancing again this year.
If the rains had come early it would not have happened.


Aiden and Audras band.JPG

After the fire dancing we had Audra and Aiden’s band play. They got a pretty late start but sounded great once they got going.

Aidens band.jpg

John Henry.jpg

John Henry played more of an acoustic set later in the night after Audra and Aiden finished. John hurt his foot pretty bad before the party.

Some people and their costumes from this years party:

The Chicago contingent.jpg

Dead Chicago Gangsters Sue and Willie

Clare and Janis.jpg
Clare as her mom and Susan as Janis

Karen and Myshel.jpg
Karen and Myshel

Duane and Sandy.jpg
Duane and Sandy

Jody and Marc.jpg
Jody and Marc

Obie and Lesley.jpg
Lesley and Obie

Lion tin man and scarecrow .JPG
A good Lion, Tin- man and scarecrow


Tom Dodd as Einstein and Melissa

owl lion jesse mel.jpg
Owl Jesse and Lion Melissa

Wonder woman Sandy.jpg
Sandy as Wonder Women

kids Halloween 2015.jpg
Nicole, Kiera and Catarina – All dressed for the party to happen.

High Priestess Velia and Money Keith.jpg
High Priestess Velia and Keith Monkey Man

Larry Wilson

Carlos and Miranda 2015.jpg
Carlos and Miranda with Bel

Faceless Orion

Maria and mike.jpg
Maria with Mike

Aiden and Melissa

Janet and Karen

Jay as Willie Nelson.jpg
Jay as Willie Nelson

Miranda and her sister.jpg
Miranda and Frieda with Bel

Day of the Dead couple.jpg
Day of the Dead couple

kids dancing.jpg
Kiera and Catalina dancing to Jody and Marc

The Wizzard.jpg
The Wizzard

withch Patsy and friends.JPG

Another fun Halloween Party this year! Thanks to everyone that came and dance,& brought food to share, Also to the musicians that played, and Audra and Jalanne for the fire-danceing.

Hope to see all of you next year.
Patsy and all of Struggle Mountain