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Sara Allen

Sara.jpgZara at The Land.

I'm now Sara T. Allen (a.k.a. Zara-Tom). In my duality I was known as both Zara and Tom at The Land. My close friends were Juanita, Mecca, Rio, Rain, Rip King and others.
I remember keeping Tom Smith awake all night as Rio, Rain, Mecca, (I think Juanita was there too,) and I, perfected an a-capella version of "Tequila Sunrise" in many part harmony. (there may have been other attendees but I have forgotten.)
Tom Smith came for a visit when I moved to Lama, New Mexico just after he released his guitar album. I still have it in my collection. Tom made a brass nut for my Fender Telecaster which made that guitar sing!
My Land story began in Mountain View, I think it was 1976 or '77. I was working at Swintek with Juanita. She introduced me to The Land by inviting me to a Longhouse Boogie and Sunday Morning Breakfast. After that it didn't take long until I abandoned my studio apartment in Mountain View and moved to The Land.
I became a member of the "Summary Judgment Blues Band" with Rip, Mecca and Kevin.
Once, I was going to go look for a job and as I was walking from the School Bus in back of the Long House to hitchhike down the road, I found a baggy with some Thai Stick in it. Later that day, I was still going to go look for a job but now the sun was going down.
The owner of the lost baggie heard about my find and tracked me down but there wasn't much left after sharing it with y'all.
I was growing one of my favorite vegetables, Collard Greens in the garden and they were just getting to the point where I could have some steamed tender young leaves with butter for dinner and I came home from school and they were gone. I later found out Rip didn't like Collard Greens and planted something else in their place. I like Collard Greens and Lima Beans, I guess I'm just odd and I still don't like Pears.
Mecca introduced me to listening to the radio all night long. I'd never really done that before and I found out that it really was a pleasant way to sleep and dream.
I lived my duality at The Land and ended up going back to Taos to Sakti and the kids where my duality continued. I finally emerged from the chrysalis and got my butterfly wings in February of 1982.
I was in Taos when Rip passed away, a very sad time for all of us. He had come for a visit with Brad H. and KTAOs radio and we were consulting with him on some Cable TV advertising scheme he had worked up, and then, he was gone.

More land memories as they come to me....

Zara arrives at the edge of the Pacific mid 70's.

Picture by Ann Mason

Summary Judgement Blues Band with Zara-Tom on bass, Rip on drums, Mecca on vocals and Kevin on guitar, practicing behind the long hall.

What About Me (Quicksilver) performed by the "Summary Judgment Blues Band" at the 2008 Reunion

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