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Philip Ross

Philippe .... early on during his indigenous period on "The Land"
Lived in and built a 22' tipi and then a Mongolian yurt.

Settled on The Land the very first winter that people moved onto the property.
Then commenced to do his nomadic route spending summers on the coast in
British Columbia, winters in Arizona, and the spring and fall on The Land.


photo donated by Chris Story

~ dinners crammed in the cookshack that first winter
~ the Byron Hotsprings Festival ecapade where a big group of us packed up the big flatbed and sold watermelon at the festival
~ the big snow
~ peyote tea happenings in the tipi
~ long hall dances
~ the first one to discover Kim's house burning down
~ my childhhood friend Scott Bogart who came to The Land with his 22 rifle
~ building dulcimers in the Barn
~ and on and on.....

Philip .... in 2005
now living in Sebastopol

photo by Neil

taken at the Palo Alto Courthouse during the "Legal" times

photo by Neil
selling watermellon at the Byron Hotsprings Festival