Koben Chino Sensei

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Koben Chino Sensei

February 1, 1938 to July 26, 2002

Koben officiated at the funeral ceremony of Sierra on The Land.

Judith Keenan: "Koben came to the Land when I lived there, to use the Long Hall for a retreat. He walked up to me and asked if I was "Boss Lady". He died at a Zen retreat center in Austria trying to save his daughter from drowning. She died in his arms." P.S.Koben married a young woman in the late 1990's. This was his young daughter from that marriage.

Mark Schneider: "I asked Kobun once if he ever thought about taking LSD. He told me, gesturing towards the sky, `Oh, if I were to take LSD I think I would fly away like a bird.'"

Michael Emrys: "It is very sad to hear that he is gone and his daughter too. I first encountered him at the ceremony for Sierra and then again when I stayed at Pacific High School in August of 1979. It was there that I learned what an open, friendly guy he was, but with perfect dignity. He had a sense of humor too. I actually met his daughter about a year before I met him. I was hitching back up the hill one day and a young woman with two children in the back seat picked me up. The boy was the young woman's son. The girl was Koben's daughter. I think she might have been about three or four at the time. She was a lovely little girl in a beautiful kimono."

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