Halloween 2007

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Halloween 2007

2007 marked the 37th annual Halloween party at Struggle Mountain. Jody has continued to play music at all of them. He was part of the Long Hall Band at the Land with Michael Ward.
Pictures by Court Tefft

From Jody:



Well, it's taken me a week to recover from the Halloween Bash on the mountain. I got there early afternoon and left the next morning so I got to relax more and enjoy the whole event for once. The Fairy Godmother had been there already and started the Transformation with her wand; the whole place looked awesome. The Party Room was cleared and ready for dancing. Lights, candles, witches and decorations were everywhere, as was Patsy, who was saying to herself as she blurred by, " letsee, I've still got to cook and put up more lights and carve pumpkins and get my costume ready and ....."


Jesse, Court and Patsy

Got the tv turned on to the World Series and The Monster Mash was playing in the distance. I started lighting the candles and turned around to see the wonderful smiles of Sara


Sara and Maria

and Leah, and I knew then it would be a special party. Hadn't seen Leah in probably 22 years, and she looked just the same..wow! She had lived in what is now Larry & Martha's place when I first came to the Land, and when she moved out, Sara moved in. Our conversations went back to then and up to now and off to the future.


Sonny, Larry, Martha andLeah.jpg

Then the crowd began to arrive in earnest, lots of winged things, Sonny & Cher, pirates and the like.


Katie Dodd

Made my way over for dinner with Larry & Martha who always cook for the band, and started with one of Larry's margaritas especial, and suddenly I was in full party mode. Martha served a steaming home made chicken pot pie, which was out of this world. Next thing I knew I was strapping on my guitar and turning up the volume on my amp, plunging into No Woman No Cry, which has always started this party for years and years. And there in the writhing crowd is Leslie & Obie



and I yell out to them over the microphone, and there is Iris,



and there is Michael Ward,


Michael Ward

and Robyn Clare


Robyn/Clare with Irene

and more familiar faces from the Golden Days than I've seen in a long time. Elize is singing next to me and Ken & Mark A are playing congas. I did a double take as I realized Mark (in a long black curly wig) looked more like me than I did!



And the Room expanded again as in parties past and then there was the Circle Dance and finally Ghost Riders in the Sky to end our long set.
Then the flurry of the changing of the bands, and the fire Dancing outside. Audra & her friend were awesome with their artistry of whirling orbs of fire

and the amazing dances they do with them, surrounded by a huge circle of howling goblins, fortune tellers, and princesses, (good thing it was Halloween, or we could have all been arrested). Screams and cheers of delight fill the chilly sky as they finish. Then the party slowly fills the house again for Aiden's band is cranking it up for the Late Show.


Aiden singing

And I'm in the crowd dancing with Iris and Sonny and Tusa



and Susan


Susan Drew

and what feels like a thousand other dancers.

The band is great and it's great fun for me to be on the other side of the stage. Eventually, some of us crawl outside to cool off and I end up talking with various clumps of friends, as the high moon watched from above.

Then it is 3 in the morning, and I was still awake and on my feet. The event was winding down, and I started my decent into sleep by talking with Larry by a quiet campfire by his place, savoring the night, and thinking of Purusha and Diane and Kenne and some of you who are so far away.... and marveling over our shared history.



I just had closed my eyes and then it was morning and Patsy & Court & Robyn and Iris & I started gathering up the bottles and flotsam from the
Aftermath, while Mark started revving up the kitchen for one of his famous breakfast feasts. With the help of some fresh strong coffee we all perked up and chatted and laughed about the night before , and yet another Halloween had come and gone. I hugged my good byes and drove off down the long winding road for home, wondering what this coming Summer would be like when we gather together again...

This year was the 37th Halloween Party and was held on Oct. 27th. Jody is still playing the night away like in the days at the Long Hall, along with music later in the night from Aiden, and Audra doing fire dancing. Audra and Aiden both live at Struggle. Elise set up a Gypsy wagon, a nice addition to the party.