Gay Gorman Garaway

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Gay Gorman Garaway

photo by Neil

Gay (Gila) Gorman Garaway

I moved to the Land from Earth Ranch. Bill Garaway had come around when he heard we were losing the lease on the ranch and said we could all move down the road and homestead for free across the road from where his tree house was. What’s amazing now looking back on it is that it sounded so plausible and so we just did it.

I straight away bought a teepee through the catalog and put it up on the spot next to what became the cook shack. I remember those early days all piling into the tiny shack if it was cold or rainy, everyone cooking the dinner—rice and veggies. After a while we moved out of the teepee, ultimately ending up building the clear dome on a spot down along the creek. Billy and Maria came then and built further down the creek.
I started building the platform for the dome as a platform for a teepee, idealistically starting with a good hand saw but when the rains came finished with a chain saw—reality. The dome did go up. It was wonderful to lie under the trees, see the rain come down, even the snow that one cold winter.

Kenny and Amy loved to play with Zem. The free box was their great destination. Amy loved finding new purses The greatest day however was when Kathy showed up with Tommy.

photo by Neil

In 1973 married Leonard Garaway and we moved from the Land to a ranch in northern California where we raised our kids (Ken and Amy and two more, Sarah and Isaac) and bees and apples. In 1983 we all moved to Israel “on our way to Africa…” (see Leonard’s page). Noah passed on in 1997, in a plane crash in DR Congo. My best friend, companion, teammate, lover, and provider, life hasn’t been the same since.

Israel’s home still, also for Ken, his wife and 4 children, and for Isaac, his wife and three children. Amy lives and works in Munich and Sarah is married with two children living in the Cascades about 2 hours east of Seattle.
(Ken, Isaac and David)

Somewhere along the way I did some schooling and completed a doctorate in education (actually international development) –we lived in the slums in New Delhi for a while, while doing research. Since Noah’s (Leonard) passing I have continued to work in Congo (DR Congo) in the war torn eastern region, mostly working with national organizations and with widows (there are a lot of them). There are a couple of websites— or

I’m really sorry to miss the reunion. I’m due to be in Congo then, in the high mountains, in an area incredibly similar to the Land except greener. Its primitiveness is profound-- isolated and in a country where even the towns (a few hundred kilometers away) have no infrastructure because of a lack of functioning government. No “flatlands” to go to to pick up a Marie Callendar pie or browse the grocery store dumpster. I guess the Land was the warm-up. I love it and even more than the place I love the people. Maybe someone of you will come visit. Seriously....why not?? You too have had a warm-up.
In Kamisimbi

Gay (Gila) and Amy