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Brett Turner

Brett & Tara / photo by Neil

Brett At Gunsight Rock Spring 06

Tinker and Bubba the White Tiger

Flying a Demo Ride or Flight instruction

Flying Front Seat, giving Back Seat Check Out

Getting ready to fly the Tow Plane

Table of Contents

How I Got to the Land; It was the Girls…

I was in deep trouble. I had a family background of alcoholism; I left that dysfunctional process and joined another; the military. I got through flight school and ended up in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. I was a mess upon arrival at the land (were talking a bad case of PTSD). I needed and was looking for a serious change in my life.

I remember getting in my car and started cruising the hills looking for that change. I knew there was something out there. Somebody told me about the land and so I showed up. The first thing that I can remember was being on the backside of the barn. There were two beautiful girls on the fence talking to each other. It was a warm day and they weren’t wearing their tops. I liked that…. The thing I noticed about these girls was that they were happy, yea were talking happy, what an amazing possibility, happy girls! These girls were way different then the conventual girls that I was associated with at the time. That being they didn’t like sex, and whenever that engaged in sex it had some form manipulation or control. What a brutal perception of women to have. If there is such a thing as no hope this has got to be it. Those women on the fence represented a whole different possibility of life. I intuitively knew that these girls were going to bring about a very deep cellular change in my being. The next day I moved my tee pee and poles onto the property and went through the process….. Hey, who said you could be here? Hey you need to leave, now…. Well, if you can find a spot for your Tee-pee I guess it will be ok…. So I found that spot and set up my Tee-Pee. I was at the land. This by far was one of the brighter things I ever did in my life.

Every day I thank god for the land and the girls who lived there. They started the healing of that insanity in my body. My experience of women today is that women like sex, are sexually more powerful then men, and when in the heart will make love. I can’t begin to tell how much of a positive attitude that has given me towards life in general. To believe in women. That is a precious, precious gift that I would never, never, never, never, would have gotten if I had stayed down the hill. So thank you my dear girls, for liking sex, sharing your hearts, and making love with the boys.

Hugs and Kisses

Five Kids and Non-Exclusive

Phyllis was my first real girl friend. As the land was my first connection to something real, Phyllis was my first real connection to the possibility of empowerment in relationship with a woman. The title says it all. That girl was born to have kids and she did. I was born to not have kids and didn’t. We both got what we wanted. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Phyllis was born a Non-Exclusive Female and is still a Non-Exclusive Female. This boy was born an Exclusive Male and there in was the rub. I at least had the smarts to know that being and Exclusive anything was a lie and that being Non-Exclusive was the truth and what I wanted. Phyllis went off to have children and I went off to become a Non-Exclusive Male. She had the children and my spiritual practice eventually purified the attachments that separated me from manifesting being a Non-Exclusive Male. So Phyllis and are one in the same as Non-Exclusives, she has children and I don’t. We both got what we wanted. Doesn’t get any better than that.

So the reunion has reunited both Phyllis and I. It has been a lot of fun talking with her. Being a Non-Exclusive-Male and Heart Felt Lover allows me to be with her with out the conflict, which was always there when I was an Exclusive Male. I look forward to being in her physical presence and of course making love with her. She is unsure of that, but I trust my heart and hers…. she is a girl, she loves her heart, she loves making love. If I’m in the heart, she is in the heart; she’ll take here cloths off and make love…. That’s just part of being a boy and girl…

Hugs and Kisses

Tara was the Bestest and the Mostest, Too bad I wasn’t….

I was infatuated with Tara. Infatuated is not a good place to be. I was devastated after being with Tara (that is the Karma of infatuation). That was the bad. The good was that I chose to stop that negative behavior pattern and did. I think the hardest part of the process is remembering Tara and yet not knowing her (that is a part of infatuation).

Now we fast-forward 30 years. That negative pattern has dissipated to nothingness through disuse. The purification is complete and I’m no longer that possibility. The last thing I had to do was forgive myself. A couple of weeks ago in a meditation I focused on it, went through all of the nuances of the transgressions. There were none left that I could perceive. Forgiveness was all that was left. I opened up and received that forgiveness. Did I get it all, maybe not, but what ever comes up I will purify easily enough.

Wish you the best Tara and look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Hugs and Kisses

Cathy’s Death didn’t have to be…

Cathy loved me, Cathy had very few peers when it came to her sexual energy, Cathy was and Alpha Female. Cathy’s love to this day is beyond my consciousness today let alone then. So I have no comment except to say that girl loved me with all of her heart. That girl was and Alpha Female and I worked real nicely with her in this endeavor. She spent massive amounts of time with the girls. She would come home and share what was said and done. I would listen, if something didn’t sound right, I would ask questions until all of the dots could be connected; or she would be off the next day to find the dots she needed to complete the story. We worked well as a team at this. She was always one step ahead of the other girls, but that is part of being an Alpha Female, and she loved being and Alpha Female.

Cathy was fearless in the sexual energy. This is the birthright of every woman and Cathy was that icon. When we first got together she was probably using the diaphragm. I remember getting out a calender and asking her when she started her period. I would have marked the day on the calendar. I then explained to her about her about being fertile, infertile, ovulation and how to check her mucus and that in time she would be able to listen to her body and her body would tell her all. This girl immediately grasped the process. With in months she went from being mystified of her body to having complete control and faith in what was happening, not being fearful of an unwanted pregnancy. She would eventually throw the diaphragm away. She hated that fucking thing anyway.

We did have two unwanted pregnancies. We would use the diaphragm when she was fertile and or ovulating. Bad Mistake! I’ll say that again, Bad Mistake! Diaphragms are utterly worthless. The second time around on this process, I got it. I told Cathy that when she was fertile and or ovulating that this boy’s 3rd member was off limits. That ended any more pregnancies and made Cathy even more sure of herself.

There is another part of this process besides birth control. It is the cycles. It’s very magical. Every day I woke up to a new girl. There are 28 to 34 days in the cycle and every day the girl hormonally and emotional changes. That means the lovemaking changes every day. I use to be a one-day kind of guy, day #14, ovulation day. Well there are a whole lot of other days out there besides day #14 and knowing Cathie’s cycles was to know her. Girls are dynamic creatures and staying in relation to those cycles makes life a whole lot easier, more fun and of course very magical.

Girls are sexually more powerful than boys! Cathy and I made love way too much and it depleted my Chi energy. I didn’t have the understanding at the time what that was all about. Angry and resentment would arise. Today it would be no problem; I conserve the sexual energy. Cathy would be fine with that. The conservation of the energy increases the lovemaking possibilities and certainly brings about a deeper connection. Cathy would have liked that.

Now we fast forward to Cathie’s Death. She died of and aneurysm. She also had starting taking the pill a couple months before the aneurysm. She started getting headaches a few weeks before she died. I was just starting to contact her at that time. I wasn’t in enough contact to engage her on this issue. Given a bit more time this would have happen. There is no guilt or remorse about this. I miss the possibility of what would be today. Cathy was and is a Primary Female relationship. I have but 4 or 5 of these relationships. To lose one is not something that I would not opt for giving a choice.

If I had known that Cathy was taking the pill I would have asked Cathy one question. “What are you doing my dear girl?” Cathy was and Alpha Female, which means she has to manifest intelligence and class in all aspects of her life. She would have been quite; there is no defence for taking the pill if you are an Alpha Female. The next comment would be “part of being a girl is showing some level of intelligence and class”. Followed by “Just because the boys you are with are unconscious does not mean that you have to be unconscious”. Followed by “Cath, take those fucking pills and flush them”. Which she would do. She would then start talking, collecting the dots to build the framework of the story, how it happen, why she did what she did, what she did, the emotions and feelings, etc. I would just listen and support the unfolding of the story. This could and probably would take hours to complete up. The end result would be that she would reclaim her power as an Alpha Female and a sexual powerhouse. If I was to ask her again “ What are you doing my dear girl”. She would look at me and say, “Hey, your talking to an Alpha Female that has got a clue” I would smile and say “right on girl”.

Now fast forward to today. Cathy would be at the reunion and a good chance of having a son or daughter with her (no, I would not be the father). We would be good friends. Would we be lovers? I really don’t want to say this, but probably not. That would only be possible if Cathy had made transition from exclusive to non-exclusive and I don’t think that was in the cards for Cathy this lifetime. I’m sure Cathy is doing fine and wish her the best….

Hugs and Kisses

A Fist Full of Dollars

I loved the land and sold out not once, but twice. The first time for two Hundred Dollars (Winter stopped that) and the second time for a few sheets of sheet metal. I can’t remember why, but I decided to sell my Tee-pee and the site. So I made up these signs, and put up one of the signs up at Corners. Well that lasted about a day or less. I remember Winter coming to my Tee-pee and reading me the riot act. I tried defending myself by bringing up the sale of Tom Browns & Cathy’s place to the Sexual Freedom League as their weekend retreat for $500 bucks. Winter wasn’t going for it; I backed down and later removed the signs and gave up my vision of selling the tee-pee (it was a bad idea anyway).

The Bulldozer was coming and the barn was slated to be torn down. Billy and others were tearing the sheet metal off the barn. I’m arguing with Billy about it, but eventually I’m tearing the sheet metal off the barn. Daniel comes up to the barn and asks Billy what the !@#$ are you doing.

Billy, There gonna tear the barn down.
Daniel, Who is gonna tear the barn down?
Billy, The parks is gonna tear the barn down.
Daniel, I don’t see the parks tearing down the barn, I see you tearing the barn down.
Billy, The parks is gonna tear the barn down.
Daniel, I’m gonna say it again Billy, You’re tearing the barn down.

Billy is not gonna stop and Daniel walks off in disgust, Daniel is right and yet I keep tearing the sheet metal off the barn. And what happen to that sheet metal. Most of it I believe got ripped off.

Fun & Games

Scott Bogart: “Razzle Dazzle Over & Out”

I probably got along with Scott just about better than anyone. Yes, and he was one disheveled being. I remember having meetings about what to do with Scott. I stood up for him more than a few times. He brought diversity to the community and loved the land in his own way. He had one outstanding quality that a lot of people never saw, did not understand, or denied. Scott was a master at separating the “Wheat from the Chaff” when it came to new people. He was and unofficial greeter for the land. If you could deal with Scott, you could probably deal with being at the land, if you couldn’t deal with Scott you needed to be in your vehicle heading back down the hill from where every you came. Scott hung around the barn a lot. When new people would arrive Scott would go out and greet them. Were talking a round or two of Psycho Babble, then “Hey you gotta cigarette”, ending with “Razzle Dazzle Over & Out”. Gawd there would be people that would come to the land that were never going to make it. Scott would have those people in their cars and outta there in 5 min or less. I remember more than once watching Scott in action and giving him a silent prayer of thanks…. Wherever you are Scott I wish to thank you for your outstanding service as unofficial land Greeter.

Fun & Games

Three Right’s and a Free Pass

Were out partying (chasing girls, drinking, generally being bad boy’s), and it’s time to go home. David is at the wheel and pretty blitzed. I remember him getting on the freeway onramp. David is driving semi-all-right, were heading in the right direction sometimes on the road sometimes in the ivy. David is pretty happy, one of us makes a comment that he is not entirely on the road, David’s comment aw !@#$ it. Then it happens. Flashing Red Lights. Oh boy, things are not looking good. David pulls over and opens the door. Empty beer cans and a whiskey bottle fall out on the ground. Gawd does it get any worse than this? I’m shoving them back in the vehicle. The cop is taking this all in. This is about a classic a Drunk Driving Scene that could possible be. That doesn’t faze David in the least. He gets out of the vehicle looks the cop in the eye and tells him he is drunk (got that right, ain’t no use in lying about that) and he should not be driving (got that right to). He then states he is getting in the back seat and that I don’t drink and would be the designated driver from then on (bingo…. three rights and a free pass). I got in the front seat and drove off. The Cop had let us go, pretty amazing.

Fun & Games

Empathy, Compassion and a Dash of Understanding

I’m in the barn and working on a vehicle. In comes Elia (Star’s son) Alias “The Thrasher”. He was known by all for his ruthless and persistent endeavor to thrash it…. Well I went into my shop to grab a tool and I come out and Elia had torn the mirror off my vehicle. Not only that, he’s looking at me defiantly, what do you think about that? I lost it and grabbed him. He is totally defiant. You can see it in his eyes, hit me and there will be pay back time. Elia always got the last lick. I dropped him and then went into an altered state of consciousness in where it became obvious why he did what he did. I remember looking at him and telling him that his relationship with his mother was less then sterling. He knew it and so did I. That was his experience of life. It was all that he knew and what he knew was what he manifested. In that instant we both understood that. He turned and walked away. He never messed with me from that day on and I have always held the Empathy, Compassion and Understanding I received in that altered state for him. I’ve heard that Elia has become a fine young man. Best of luck to you Elia where ever you are…

Fun & Games

Frank & Richard Brown

Either Daniel, Mark or possible Billy once told me “whenever anybody makes a power play at the land and loses, watch, they will leave very soon afterward”. I was down the hill that day when this event took place, but certainly heard about it when I got back. Frank was into making a power play. The back lands hut that Norman lived in came up for occupancy and Frank wanted it. Richard Brown parked himself in the doorway of the house. Frank was outside doing his Kung Fu routine telling Richard he needed to move on. Richard stood in the doorway with his Machete. Told Frank to make his move and he’d give’ m couple of whacks with his Machete. Well I suppose that Frank probably figured his Kung Fu was no match for a couple whacks from Richards Machete so he backed down and left. Very shortly thereafter Frank left the land just as was foretold would happen. I wish to thank Richard wherever he is for what he did that day. As for Frank, he left for Struggle and there in lies an epic story to be told, but that is Struggle’s tale to be told. Mark who lives at Struggle is the most knowledgeable person of the Frank & Struggle Chronicles.

Fun & Games

Robyn and the Flashing Tits!

Daniel, Phyllis and I were heading up to a land meeting at that long hall. Phyllis would rather have not gone. On the way up Daniel and I were discussing how it would be nice if Robyn didn’t take control of the meeting. I can remember Daniel saying he’s not gonna let it happen. Well we got to the meeting and you guessed it Robyn was on a roll. I went unconscious and was looking at the floor along with every other male in the room including Daniel. Robyn was talking and moving her top up and down flashing her tits. I remember looking at her and the next thing that happened was that I entered into an altered state, my heart became very open. From that state I remember saying something to the effect Robyn was beautiful and/or that I loved her (not and unreasonable action from the open heart). Robyn immediately, stopped the flashing tit routine, dropped her top and ran from the room. That was the end of the meeting.

Fun & Games

The Patriarchy is a Lie

This happen some 15 years after I left the land. I was in a meditation and I had this fleeting thought that I had no contact with Female Enlighten Master. My response was, there are just as many Enlighten Female Masters as Male Enlighten masters. And that I had no contact with Enlighten Female Masters and that was a problem. In that moment their was and opening in my being, the Goddess took it and the teaching demonstrations began. And boy did that girl started cranking out the teaching demonstrations. Within a short period of time I had an insatiable desire to be with her. She would not reveal herself but I knew she was there and was responsible for the teaching demonstrations. That only a Female Master could manifest those kind of teaching demonstrations. I was opening to the female within. This girl was unraveling me, and I loved it! I wanted to be with her and yet she would not reveal herself in that moment. The desire was overwhelming. I had to reflect on what is the problem here. I suspected that she was not to thrilled about my Patriarchy Orientation to life. So I started to work on this in my Meditation. I was getting zero point nowhere. This Orientation was deeply rooted. It became clear that I would have to become the energy and run it till I cracked. It is a very negative process, but it does work. So I no longer pretended I was some cool guy or what every. I became a flaming Patriarchy asshole in thoughts and deeds. Lost my girlfriend, girls around me shunned me like I was a Leper. It was looking pretty dismal. I remember being in a meditation, I was pretty depressed, I don’t understand and/or can locate this Patriarchy Orientation in my body, I mean where the !@#$ is it, where is the attachment. Then in and instant every cell in my body lite up….It was right there “The female is the source of the sexually energy”. My response was to resist, to dominate, to control the female. There it was, the Patriarchy, and yet no release. I went father into the darkness of the Patriarchy, the pain increased and in that moment the pain became greater than my resistance to the acceptance of the female being the source of the sexually energy. In that instant I released the Patriarchy and accepted the truth that “The female is the source of the sexual energy”. The Patriarchy ceased to have any power over me. This was a life changing meditation. I thank god for that meditation ever day and the Goddesses teaching demonstrations that brought about the Courage and Desire I would need to meet the challenge. I never would have been able to do it without her.

Well the Goddess did not reveal herself in that moment (I had another purification that would need to be completed before she would reveal herself.

Now there is a second part to this, can you guess what that is….. “The female is the source of the sexual energy”, that is half the equation. The female has all the power where does the male fit in the equation. Back into my meditations. What is the answer? The Male and Female are equal, why does she have this power and the male nothing. Dam, I spent weeks on that, where is the justice in this? Then it became crystal clear, yes the female has the power but it is a double edge sword. She can share the energy or she can withhold, manipulate and control the energy. If the female shares the energy does it really mater who is the source?… Hardly. The female if she is gonna be free must learn to share her power and as a male I have had to develop the consciousness to know the difference, the discipline to empower her heart.

Fun & Games

The Goddess Reveals Herself

The teaching demonstrations were happening, I was completing them up, but no tangible contact. Couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I was working with a text about Jesus. In that text before he started his teaching demonstration he went to the Egyptian Mystical schools and asked to be tested. He went through many different trials. I could care less about any or all of them except for one. The one I zeroed in on was Sex. That is where the boys always taken a beating. Jesus was placed in a garden setting and a woman Miriam was introduced (This girl was well schooled, young and beautiful). He fell in love with her and her with him and it appeared that he abandon her to do his teaching demonstrations. For months I struggled with this story in my meditations. There was a point in a meditation where it became crystal clear. I took Jesus out of the story and inserted Lao Tzu into the story. Viola no abandonment. I immediately made and ascertation that Jesus was sexually dysfunction. I remember sharing this with Silva and her agreeing with the interpretation, but refusing to accept that Jesus was dysfunction. She was later to be proven right and I was wrong (I was told later in a channeling by St. Germain that if the channeler is dysfunctional in the area of the channeling that it won’t come out right, well the channeler and therefore the book was off in this area). I was on a roll. I told Silva that all the Male Master’s were Sexually Dysfunction and @#$%’em. She just shook her head and off I went. My meditations were dead silent. The Male Maters to say the least were not present. My choice was to go it alone, I waited for the Goddess. She wouldn’t come. I reflected on everything that could impede that meeting, there was nothing, I had given up everything, even the Male Masters, Ashtar, St Germain, Jesus, Lao Tzu, all of them for the possibility of being with her. There was nothing. And then there was a moment where I accepted that she would never come. I wished her the best free of all concepts and desire. That was what she was looking for, everything till that moment was about doing, and when I let go it was about being. In that instant she was there, every cell in my body lite up, tears rolled down my cheeks. I just sat quietly in her presence. I have tears in my eyes right now. I love that girl. That girl has completely changed my life…..

Fun & Games

Awaking to the Heart

Moving into the heart was a piece of cake. Breaking through the Patriarchy was the ball buster. Being with the Goddess brought focus. The Heart was not something that I had to search for, it was always there. All that was required to do was to purify the blockages so that I could feel the heart. It didn’t happen in a flash, it was more and awaken that got stronger and stronger, and I liked it. Silva my Girl friend at the time loved it. We were moving in spaces that were unavailable when I was separate from my heart. It all looked pretty good except I was losing connection with the sexual energy. I was moving into the ascended heart, which is divorced from the sexual energy. I felt a disturbance, and had a life long commitment to the sexual energy. So yes I liked the heart and no I did like the separation with my sexuality. Push came to shove and I was in a meditation and it was going to get resolved. I remember asking the Goddess for help. She would give none, Hell she was nowhere to be found, that girl was gone. It would be my choice totally. The choice was to continuo on, and become an ascended heart practioner or drop the heart, reconnect with the sexual energy, and loose contact with the Goddess. Every since I was little I had let the sexual energy be my guide, I always new that I was never to walk from that energy. My body was confused. I could feel this new found heart energy, and my connection to the Goddess against that which had been since I was little the sexual energy. Back in Forth the energy moved. Choose, I had to choose. I choose the sexual energy. I dropped out of the heart immediately; as for the Goddess she was right there. She was not attached to either choice. Silva was pissed; she couldn’t believe I walked away from the heart. I did miss it but I stayed true to the sexual energy.

PS: About six month’s later I once again moved into the heart, this time it was the descending heart. The descending heart encompasses the Sexual energy. The Taoist and Tantra spiritual practices, which I use today, are about this. I have a much more of a full body experience. In the oneness I’ve never experienced the sexually energy as a problem.

Fun & Games


Little Rhoda Loves going into her Heart

I was living with Glen at the time and he had this little Guinea Pig. She was a sweet heart. Well in the morning I would put her on the table on her towel while I ate breakfast. Guinea Pigs are pretty fearful little creatures, and rightfully so. She would hunker down in the ready position, that being to haul butt at the least bit of danger. Well, I would eat my breakfast and then kick back, close my eyes and go into my Heart. That little girl would pick up on that energy and she would open up at the heart. She would splay out all of her little limbs, Stretch her body, Yawn and close her eyes. Glen would sometimes be there and watch, we would talk about the little girl and what a big heart she had. Very Magical….

PS: We use to put Rhoda out in the yard, and of course she would hide, she had her favorite hiding places and always found new ones that would take us time to find when it was time to take her in. Well one day a cat came in the yard and killed Rhoda. The short of it is we shouldn’t of left her out in the yard alone. We buried her in one of her favorite spots. We were sad and I miss her sometimes….a little fearful girl that could really crank the heart energy. Wish you the best my dear little girl were ever you are ….

Fun & Games

I told Mark he was a Fool Not Once, but Twice

Mark loved all things spiritual, especially the Crazy Adept Teachings. Well he bought this Lingham (a phallic rock) for $450 dollars. I told him he was a fool. He laughed, there was no remorse, guilt or shame about his spending $450 for that rock. Well we went to Shasta for a trip. He was in one room and Steve and I was in another. I went over to Marks room and knocked on the door. He open the door and there was the rock on the alter as the centerpiece. I side stepped Mark ran to the alter and picked up that rock and hugged it. I was astatic. Steve stated that was probably inappropriate going to Marks alter picking up the rock without asking. Mark was laughing. Dam that rock was intense, I loved it. Well we lost contact for a while, but when we came together I immediately asked about the rock. He said that he sold it, got $900 for it. I called him a fool for selling it, this time there was no laughter, he was quite. This time there was remorse, guilt and shame present in his being. Shame on you for selling that rock Mark…..

Fun & Games

I won’t be Posting these Articles

There are Four Articles that I won’t be posting. Two that have been written “Sierra’s Death” and “Struggle and Frank”. Two that I never wrote “Bill and Leonard and the Born again Christian movement” and one that a few more dots are needed to be connected before I would commit.

Let’s take the easy one Bill and Leonard. When I came to the Land I remember seeing a white aura around Leonard’s Body. I very seldom see that. Leonard made a big impression on me in an uplifting positive way. He then joined this Born agin Christian Movement. That also made a big impression on me in a depressing negative way. To say the least it caused a disturbance in my being. The question be, what the @#$% happen, how could that guy who I perceived to be a lot a lot smatter than I become Born again Christian. I was talking to Mark from struggle about this and he shared things about Bill and Leonard I didn’t know. Mark had lived with them for 3 years before ever coming to the Land. What he shared made total sense as to what happen to Bill and Leonard and why they became Christians. That story belongs to Mark and hopefully he will print it some day. Until then it is an Oral Story and Mark is the keeper of the story. So if you don’t have closure with that Born again Christian movement at the land, get with Mark.

Now for a more difficult one. I wrote a pice on Richard Brown and Frank that you can read. I also as part of the original article wrote about what happen with Frank at Struggle. I shared it with Mark and rewrote it twice. Mark was not happy with it, so I dropped it. And I’m ok with that, I was really doing something that wasn’t for me to do. As for the Richard Brown and Frank that is a land story and I am a Lander and so yea I can write about that. Mark has a written piece by Richard Brown about this incident that he has posted and then unposted. He is undecided on rather to post it or not, so at this moment it is not. Possible with my posting of Frank and Richard Brown Mark will hopefully post Richard Brown’s version. It would give another side to the story, and what better source than the guy holding the Machete. Now as for the Frank and Struggle Story. Mark at Struggle is the one that you are gonna want to talk to, without Mark this story would be Dead and Gone you’ll understand why after listening to the story. This is not and easy story to get and have gone over it with Mark many times.

Now for the Toughest one “Sierra’s Death”. I wrote the piece many times. A lot of lose energy running around in my body, some serious time spent in meditations. I’ve worked with more than a few people on this article. Not a one of them felt that it should be printed. I’ve also come to that same conclusion, that doesn’t mean that the story can’t be shared, but the word here would be discrimination….

And Last but not Least the one that needs a few more dots before I commit. There are some people that I need to talk to and when the time is right, I will. There is no big hurry, it will unfold without too much input….

Fun & Games

I Don’t Think the Girls Like That…

David and I were going someplace. David had had a few beers and was a bit toasted. A couple of girls drove up beside us. Their Cruising, David let’s them know he is interested (I’m not quite sure how this all works) any way the chase is on. There is the possibility for the boys and for the girls who knows? Well after a short bit of time David was probably getting we weren’t gonna get any (I knew that right from the get-go). So there was nothing to gain, nothing to loose, so David goes for broke. David makes a Lewd Gesture to the girls, telling them what he wants. They aren’t going for it and take and immediate right turn and drop us. I look at David and say I don’t think the girls saw the humor in that. David looks at me and says…Aw, @#$%’em if they can’t take a joke.

A day in the life of a boy

From Now on the Ten Wheeler!

Danny was driving the 1 Ton panel truck with the Back Hoe behind. I was ridding shotgun. We were on Highway 280 heading North to Page Mill Rd. The trailer was weaving around. I didn’t like it, but we seem to be doing all right. And then the next thing I know were facing the opposite direction. We had just done a 180-degree jack knife. Danny looks at me and you can see it in his face, what the @#$% just happen. I look out the mirror. Looks like the Trailer is ok. I look at Danny and say Start the Mother @#$% truck and let’s get the @#$% outta here before the cops show up. So Danny starts it up, turns the truck around and we get off at the first ramp. We stopped and checked the rig out; every thing looked good, Thank God there was no traffic, when we came around we took out all four lanes. It happen to fast to be scared, but boy it sure did grab your attention. That is the last time we drove the Back Hoe behind the smaller trucks. From that time on it was the Ten Wheeler.

Fun & Games

Keep your Mouth Shut and Don’t Tell Billy!

Billy did not want Danny on the equipment. As Billy would put it, Brett (I was the mechanic) can’t keep up with Danny and his thrashing of the equipment. So I’m over at one of the Job Sites and Danny is pumped, Billy is nowhere to be seen and Danny is on the new Back Hoe. There is no getting Danny off that Back Hoe. Then it happens, you guessed it, Danny runs over the new radiator I’m suppose to put in the truck. Danny at this point shuts down the Back Hoe and gets off.

Brett…I don’t think Billy is gonna see the humor in this.
Danny… Keep you mouth shut and don’t tell Billy.
Brett…Well hell how I’m suppose to put the radiator in you dummy, you thrashed it and trust me Billy is gonna be pissed.
Danny…You shut up and let me deal with Billy.
Brett…Trust me, Billy is gonna be pissed
Danny… Aw @#$% Billy
Billy drives up….
Billy…. What the #$% is gonna on here
Brett… Quite
Danny… Aw we had an accident (yea, right notice the we part)
Billy… What kind of accident?
Danny…The radiator got smashed
Billy… How the @#$% did the radiator get smashed I just bought the son of a @#$%
Danny…. I ran over it…
Billy …You did what….
Danny…That’s right I ran over the @#$% radiator
Billy …Brett didn’t I tell you that Danny is not to run the equipment
Brett…I’m quite
Billy…God dam this @#$% @#$%
The up shot of this is that Billy was the Alfa Male telling Danny that he is not to be on the equipment. So Danny has to promise never to get on the equipment again. Which Billy, Danny and I knows is not gonna happen. Billy leaves, as for Danny, he tells me “Billy can say what ever he wants but I will do what ever the @#$% I want when Billy isn’t around”. I go get another Radiator, as for Danny he had to listen to the crew tell the story over and over agin about him thrashing the radiator. Billy supported this story telling. Danny of course hated it. That was Danny’s punishment for disobeying the Alpha Male.

Males and the Pecking Order

Connecting up the Dots...

David (Arizona Soaring) and I are going home. David is talking about his folk’s relationship. How his mother was always ragging on his dad and he couldn’t understand how his dad put up with it….

Brett….How much does your dad make?
David… $5000 a month
Brett… How much does he give to your mother?
David…$3000 a month
Brett…. How much does your mother think you dad makes?
David…$3000 a month
Brett… What does you dad do with the extra $2000?
David… Takes David about 5 seconds to get the picture. Dam, he’s got a girl friend on the side!
Brett… Got that right!

Fun & Games

Were going to the Stripper Bars, and were going Now!

Steve is going to Alaska to fly (I can’t remember what). So of course we are out to celebrate Steve’s departure. There was but only three of us. Sometimes it can be ten or more between the Boss, Line boys, Tow pilots, Glider pilots and Patrons. The more guys that come the more fun we usually have. I’ve got a screaming headache and figure I’m gonna last a couple of hours at the most. It’s ten o’clock and were at some God-awful bar, were talking Zero Action. Terry is with Rodney (his girl friend). She knows exactly what the boys are up to and she is gonna do everything she can for it not to happen. I’m over with Steve and he is having no fun what so ever. I tell him I am gonna go deal with Terry. Steve gives me the old good luck look. There is no jacking around with Terry. This is where the rubber hits the road. I go up to Terry and tell here that this is Steve’s last night and were going out to see the strippers and were going NOW! She is pissed. Rodney is pretending that he doesn’t want to go but that were making him go (Rodney lived to go to the stripper bars). Terry takes off with a squealing of tires, we are free now (the fun is about to begin). Out to my car, which Rodney hates. Betty the airport manager is with us.

Brett…Come on with us
Rodney…Hell I’ll buy you a lap dance
Betty …I’m not sure
Rodney…You’ll love it
All in unison… Come on Betty
Betty… Maybe another time
Brett… All right, but give us the keys to the Corvette
Betty…No, you’re not getting the Corvette
Brett… Ok, then give us the credit cards
Betty…No, you’re not getting the credit cards
Brett… Betty you’re not being any fun
All in unison again…. Come on Betty let’s go
She ain’t going, I think she always wanted to come with us (we always invited her to come) but could never quite see herself doing that. Betty would have defiantly brought another dimension to the boys going out to the stripper bars.

Fun & Games

Two Girls and out the Window

I was out back filling up the coke machine when Robert came over. He wanted to tell me something, but was embarrassed.

Robert… Something happen to me last night that every guy dreams about.
Brett… Well, right on
Robert… Um, I split the scene
Brett…What are we talking about here Robert
Robert … I don’t want to talk about it
Brett… Um…
Robert…Um, well Um there were two girls….
Brett… Ok…
Robert…They took me home and….
Brett… Um…
Robert… They wanted to get it on.
Brett… Well hell what is so bad about that.
Robert… I went out the Window.
Brett… You did what?
Robert… I went out the Window, it didn’t feel right
Brett… Hm…
At this point I think Bob (Tow Pilot) was there and the conversation was becoming a bit more humorous. Jake the Line Boy comes around the corner and picks up on what was being. His first comment was, give me their telephone number, I’ll take care of those girls. Roberts says NO. I don’t know to this day what scared Robert, but there it is “Two Girls and Out the Window”.

Fun & Games

1972 Playboy Bunny of the Year

Betty tells us that the 1972 Playboy bunny of the Year is coming up from Tucson for a glider ride. Rodney goes into serious overdrive… I’m taking her up. Alright you take the girl up. I’ll take her partner up. Betty had talked to them for a while before signing them up for their demo ride. The girl was 1972 Playboy Bunny of the Year. The guy was a club owner and had just spent a million dollars on his stripper club. I can’t even remember what Rodney said about the girl. I think the ride was a bust for Rodney. Had a great ride with the guy. We were both the same age laughing about how him, I and every other male on the planted wanted to be with her when she was 1972 Playboy Bunny of the Year. He was just finishing school then and was a nobody and I had just got out of Vietnam and was going nowhere. We talked about his Club and the girls that worked for him. He said some interesting things. I remember staying out way longer then the ride was suppose to be, it was a slow day, we had lots to talk about, and Betty would let it slide, on a slow day that is….
On a heavy duty day… Rides and instruction would drive Betty Crazy. Her take on the boys were once there up they won’t come down. Betty was forever making me wear a beeper. I think she only had one and since I was the worst offender, I had to wear it the most. I should have heaved it out the window but… That was Betty’s only hope; with out the beeper there was no hope. This is how it worked…One Beep I can’t believe that you aren’t down NOW! Two beeps you needed to be down 20 minutes ago. Three beeps you’re FIRED! I loved the gliders, No engines, and no radios. Very addictive.

Fun & Games

Rodney Ground Loops the Parachute Trike Flying Machine

It’s the end of the day and not unusually for fun things to happen. Couple of the Patrons brought in a Trike Parachute Flying Machine. They take it up and do a lap around the area. The Idea being that the flight instructors would fly this thing next. That means me and, I’m not to enthused about this in the least. This thing has got a Rotex Motor and there not know for their reliability. Any way Rodney will go first and maybe he’ll wreck it and I won’t have to fly it. Rodney gets on the helmet gets his ground check and is ready to go. He hits the throttle and the engine roars. Rodney starts heading down the runway. I’m up ahead watching. I can see Rodney’s face. You can see it in his face it is time for take off. So when all else fails yank back on the stick. Well he did and that sick is connected to the wheel and when you yank it back you go right and so Rodney does a hard right and ground loops the machine. The motor quits, there is a huge dust cloud and the parachute comes down in a heap. Everyone is yelling at Rodney telling him he hasn’t got a clue how to fly. He is pissed. So back down the runway we go to start agin. This time Rodney did not pull back on the stick and the machine came up to speed and took off. I was next, uneventful flight (hey life is good, were talking the engine didn’t quit) and made a nice landing.

Fun & Games

140 MPH all the Way!

It was the end of the day and we got a call from the Phoenix speedway and couple guys wanted to come out for a ride. Hey were closing in 10 min. That’s fine will be their before you close. I’m a little bit dubious about this because their 20 miles away. Well they got there before we closed and they got their ride. They came in a mid-engin Honda NX and that car is capable of 160mph plus. I guess part of being a racecar driver is getting to were you’re going before closing time. I did the math after they left and figured they had to average 140mph to get to the Sail port.

PS: Another ride came in a few months later driving another mid-engine Honda NX. I asked him how fast the thing would go. He didn’t know. I pointed to the line boy and told him to give the kid the keys and he would be back in 5 and tell you what it could do. He laughed.

Fun & Games

Fat Dumb and Happy to Sheer Terror in Less than a Second

Part of being and instructor is sorting the jive ass #$%^ from reality. Well this one guy came in and snowed us pretty good. I mean he has all sorts of endorsements and a really plausible story. So Rodney is gonna due the field check. He is so snowed that he puts his feet up on top of the instrument panel. He has got that piece of cake attitude written all over his face and body. Well it is take off time and wake up call all rolled into one. I have never seen a worst display of piloting in my life. This guy slams the left wing down and then immediately slams down the right wing. It was priceless watching this scene. I’m laughing right now. Rodney went from fat dumb and happy to fear in but a nano second. That boy was scrambling for the controls. We never did get that guy check out, but he did have a good story….

Fun & Games

Round Them Up and Gas E’m & The Battle of Britian

We had this bunkhouse at Arizona Soaring for patrons who stayed over to fly. I had come early to eat with the guys. There were American, Brits and Germans. Anyway we were discussing the relationship of class and the bell curve of intelligence (I believe this paper was written by a Stanford Professor). The conversation got pretty involved about what to do about this, their was a point were one of the Germans got excited and blurted out you need to round em up and gas them. Dam didn’t we get this taken care of in World War II was my question? We all laughed….

That night we all watch the movie the Battle of Britain. Of course when the movie was over the Germans had to listen to how they got whipped. Germans do not see the humor in that kind of talk. There wasn’t much that they could say. But they did get in the last lick. One of them spoke up and said, we lost, but that was good (Wow, never heard that one before) because if we hadn’t we’d still be fighting on the Eastern Front. Everybody laughed, he was probably right. So yes they lost and yet they won.

Fun & Games

Haven’t we gone through this before my Dear Girl?

I’m at the North Hollywood Vedanta Temple. I had been there before and look forward to meditating there again. Little did I know what was in store for me? It was mid-day and there were a group of monks ready to begin a service. I was in the lotus position quieting down the ego body mind so that I could be present for the energy in the Temple. Sure enough their was and Eastern Female Deity present. She immediately made it clear that she wanted to enter my body. I said no. She asked again and said no again. Then I felt more into it. She was waiting for me to complete up my considerations. What would be the harm, and yet intuitively I knew that girl was gonna cause a ruckus. Well I would find out what that was all about soon enough. I didn’t see any danger in it so I open up and allowed her to move into my body. Well the little girl started to put my body through different Yogi Mudra’s, which caused a big scene. She seem to be enjoying the process immensely. Well the short of it is the monks called the Cops and escorted me out of the building. She splits and I’m having a hard time reorienting into my body. They’re talking a mile a minute and I’m barely able to talk. I finally apologize, point to my car and start to walk away. I don’t know why she created the scene, why the monks couldn’t see that I was having Kriya’s, that what was happening was spiritual in nature and not to be fearful. Anyway when I’m back in the area I will go again and if she asks to be in my body I might just ask; haven’t we gone through this before my dear girl?

Fun & Games

Harbin Hot Springs Rogue Female

I was living at Harbin Hot Springs. It was a tough place to have a relationship. You have your regulars, weekend warriors, and influx of guests. It’s hard to keep it all straight. Girls are encoded to work together. They all know who is with whom. Who is getting with whom and what is in the making. As for the boys…well they’re encoded for sex any place, any time, with any one. The girls know this. So the girls don’t expect much from the boy’s in this department and if they maintain the boundaries it really doesn’t matter what the boys are up to because the boys will be with whom their suppose to be with anyway. Rather the boys can figure this out or not is of very little consequence. The girls control the situation most of the time. When it all works right the girls are pretty happy and life is good.

I never could get how this process worked. But there was a massage schedule that was the Holy Grail Of Harbin. If you wear at the top of the list, you made some serious cash. If you were at the bottom of the list, you starved. How it worked I never did get it and trust me I asked more than once. Well Corrie was the number one Masseuse on the schedule She was the Alpha Female of Massage. She had been a Porno Queen at one time. She was not well liked by the girls, mostly tolerated because of her position. How she every got to that position I never could figure that out.


Roque Female; A women who does not care and/or is and ignoramus of working relationships around her and will sleep with another woman’s man. Pisses off the other females no end….

Action Taken: The Rogue female will be Isolated (other females will have nothing to do with her) and usually eventually leaves. It is very difficult to survive in a community as a women with out support and comradery of the other women.

Males: They just know the girls are pissed off. They don’t particularly see that there is a problem.

Well Corrie crossed the boundary once too many times (Rogue Female). She did a one-night stand with an up and coming relationship. Boy, did the girls get riled about this. I think this was and accumulation of actions that was toped by this new transgression. Everybody knew it, the girls were talking about it, but the girls were too afraid to do anything about it. I was the one that could and would say it. There was no fear, or attachment; Corrie had zero power over me.

We had this community paper. And I wrote a short story about a Roque Female and what a lack of class this girl showed in the story. Well everyone knew whom the story was about. I was up at the shop just as it was coming out. The guys shook their heads and said I wouldn’t be getting any for probably a year for writing that piece. It was a consensus amongst the males that I was a fool. That I tread were no man should tread, that I had stirred up a Hornet’s nest and that I would be collectively punished by the girls. They were to a man glad that they had not written the piece and god forbid signed their name to it.

Well it had the exact effect that I knew it would. Corrie had been called on her lack of sensitivity and heart. I had more than a few girls come up and thank me for writing the piece. Made my heart feel nice. Well worth the effort…. Within a day things were back to normal. Corrie straighten up, and the incident was over. Aw… did I get any or did I not get any, you may ask…I don’t thing it made much differance one way or another.

Fun & Games