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A picture of me (and one cold cat) when it was snowing at the land.


Caprice, Me, Beowolf and Jethro (my infamous and often disliked dog) in front of our place


A fairly recent picture.


A favorite picture by David Chapple that I've managed to hold on to

I'll write some more soon. Not sure if many of you will remember me, I came to the land later then most, and left a bit before it's demise . I was together with Caprice and we had a studio and loft in the barn, we were doing stain glass, and of course Caprice had her kiln and was doing pottery for a while, and then our stain glass terrarium business took off. We later moved to the backland when a couple, whose name I forget, left. We were just past Malcolm and Mary Joe's place, up the hill, just when you made the turn to head down toward Purusha's meadow.

(Not sure who shot this, it's not my format. But I have it. Classic photo of Art - Neil)