2017 Struggle Halloween Party

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2017 Struggle Halloween Party

2017 Struggle Halloween

2017 Halloween Party

Jesse's Goya paintin g.jpeg

The Halloween party this year was so magical. The weather was beautiful making it a night you wanted to be out in. Danny Lynch showed up at 5 pm with a great bluegrass band and played on the deck till 8 pm. They plus friends of theirs continued to play outside all evening. We had tables set up in the driveway for listening. There was music everywhere all night long.
Meanwhile Jody and drummer Mark played inside with a wonderful danceable set. It was just those two but the sound was like a full band. After Jody, The John Henry Band played. That's when Jesse started filming so if you watch the video it starts there. After John we all went outside for fire dancing with Audra and Emily. Emily hasn't danced here with Audra for about 7 or 8 years. They also included Audra's 8 years old son Jalanee in the fire-dancing. It’s so primal to be out in the night with the fire and drumming.
Then Aiden's and friends (Collective Movement) playing reggae back in the big house with an 8-piece band of excellent musicians.
Lot’s of wonder food for the table. Karin made her famous brain again

Brain.jpegworms.jpegDeviled eggs.jpeg

Karin and sister, Danny's half brother and wife.jpeg

Karin, her sister, and Danny Lynch's 1/2 brother and sister in law

and a plate of worms. We had deviled eggs with spiders crawling on them.
Many wonderful costumes, and friends.


The Lobster

Withch Evelyn.jpeg
I danced a lot and finally turned in around 5 am, got a little sleep and then up for Marks breakfast of crepes, potatoes, omelets, and artichoke dip and crackers, coffee and OJ.
Love, Patsy

me, Katie, Galen, and Archer on Halloween.jpg

With Katie and Galen with their baby dragon from the Game of Thrones

Please watch the video if you have the time. It's on U-Tube as Struggle Halloween party 2017 by Athene Sav (Jesse)