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Struggle Mountains 2014

Halloween Party

The mantel.jpg
The mantle over the big fireplace
Photo by Jennifer France

World series on TV on Halloween.jpg
This years Halloween party started with the Giants game on starting at 5 pm. Lucky for us they won that night and didn’t go into extra innings so it was over and everyone was in a good mood by the time the party really got going.
Giant Jesse.jpgKaren in baseball hat.jpgDay of the dead with hat.jpg
Jesse as a added his hat for luck everywhere.

The brain.jpg

Brain jello for the table, made by Karin Larsen

Image 4.jpg
Devil Laura and Todd
photo by Chuck Slay
Devilish Lesley.jpg

and devilish Lesley
image/ Gypsy Evelyn.jpg
Image 3.jpg
Gypsy Evelyn and Andy
photo by Chuck Slay
witch Judy and Tusa.jpg
Judy Lederer and Tusa in kitchen
photo by Jennifer France
Image 2.jpg
Fidel Castro in our kitchen with Nixon holding his puppet Bush.
photo by Chuck Slay
Fidel and the skeleton.jpg
Looks like a Skeleton zombie with it’s hands on Fidel.
Photo by Jennifer France
Jim as a pharaoh.jpg
And with Pharaoh Jim

me and karen in my room.jpg
and with me!
Image 1.jpg
The two Pharaoh - Marko and Jim
photo by Chuck Slay
Miss Dayle!

Karin in rainbow colors.jpg
Some costumes are just fun and cute. Karin!

Ryan and wife.jpg
Ryan from the John Henry Band and his wife.

photo by Jennifer France

Court and Lobster as Nixon with Bush.jpg
Court as a hippie and Lobster as Nixon. His Bush doll in his Mission Accomplished suit has the longer nose like Pinocchio.
photo by Jennifer France
Court and Jody.jpg

Or pictured here with Jody,
where you can see his pink pants.

Eric and Ona as hippies.jpg

Also coming as hippies was Jim Forsell’s
Son Eric and wife Ona thank you Ona for all the great pictures of our party and for carving pumpkins.
Eric helped with lights this year.

Jody and Mark.jpg

And Jody with King Mark on his throne.
me with cape and hat.jpg
Let’s go dance!
The John Henry Band.jpg
The John Henry Band started off the evening with their foot stomping fun music.

John and friends playing .jpg
Good Vibrations!
Photo by Jennifer France

kids on the dance floor.jpg
Jalanne with Nichole
Nicole an Jalanee on dance floor with Mark.jpg
Kids dancing
photo by Jennifer France

Katie on dance floor.jpg
Having fun dancing!
photo by Jennifer France
dancing with Vince.jpg
Dancing with Vince, Lesley and Debbie and Larry in back

Katie and Karen dancing.jpg
Katie and Karen

Maria with Jesse drumming.jpg

Next up was Jody singing with Danny on fiddle and Jesse on drums. Maria enjoying the moment!
Jody mentioned that it was Jesse’s hat that helped the Giants win.

Susan, Jody and Lesley dancing.jpg
Susan, Jody and Lesley and Danny on the dance floor

fire dancing.jpg
Next everyone was out in the night air for Audra fire dancing.
photo by Jennifer France
fAudra spinning fire.jpg
photo of Audra by Jennifer France
circle of fire dancing.jpg

Audra spinning fire
photo by Jennifer France
Aiden singing.jpg
We all went in to a jam with Aiden and friends.
photo by Jennifer France
Aiden and friends.jpg
Into the late night with a mix of wonderful musicians.
Photo by Jennifer France

Evelyn and Karen danciing.jpg

Giants and Skeletons. That’s how it went.
skeleton and Giants hat.jpg

Next morning we had a wonderful breakfast. Mark made
Strawberry crepes, build your Own omelets, potatoes, and artichoke dip with crackers. Alice made blintzes.

Mona showed up later with vegies from the farmers market to use or take home. She is behind me in purple. Great breakfast. Beautiful morning!
Wonderful Party.

me in baseball hat the morning after the party.jpgPumpkins.jpg

Thanks all that came this year in spite of the rain that was happening up until the party started. Thanks for all great costumes, and food and music. Even the pumpkins were smiling.
Thanks Giants for putting everyone in a good mood.

me watching the Giants in hat.jpg
They won! And went on to win the series!

Love, Patsy

Pumpkin lit up.jpg