2011 Halloween party

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2011 Halloween party



Dead End Cemetary

Struggle Mountain once again held our annual Halloween party after taking a year off. We held it a week before Halloween, which sure gave us nicer weather. We had a beautiful night for a party. It was smaller than other years but a really nice crowd. People were here just to dance and have fun. No problems this year at all. Many stayed the night, with Mark cooking his famous crepes, artichoke dip, and potatoes in the morning.

Come on in

This was the first year that Jody did not play; or attend the party in the 40 years of having it. Hat’s off to Jody for all the years he played. Hopefully there will be more parties to enjoy his delightful songs. It’s been Jolize for years playing, but Elize is now living inFlorida, so Jody would have been playing alone. He said he would play a small set if he came, but had a lot going on in his life and wasn’t able to make it. Maybe next year!

Jody and Elize with Sonny 2008

Instead we had The John Henry Farm Band. They played two sets. John’s band is foot stomping fun music with a lot of sing along songs. They were very fun to dance to.
John has been coming up toStruggle Mt.since he was a kid. So it’s wonderful to add his musical talents to the Struggle parties. He played an early set at our spring party this year as well.

John Bradshaw on guitar and vocals

Patsy and Maria dancing to The John Henry’s Farm Band. We had lots of Cowboy and cowgirl costumes. Also a good number of Pirates this year.

Before the next band we had fire dancing by Audra. Nice warm night to be out in the air watching her spin fire.

After the fire dancing the next band Vibrance played. Audra, playing bass and Aiden, vocals and guitar, are both part of the band along with his brother Kerry, Rika the keyboard player and Sid the drummer. Audra and Aiden both live here at Struggle. Audra is another one that grew up being at Struggle a lot. She’s been living here for years now. Vibrance has been playing the Struggle parties for quite a few years so a lot of you know their reggae style music. Like John’s band they write most of their songs.
Audra and Aiden came as bears and their kids as bear cubs.


Fun police having fun

Sue dancing with red feather

Here are some of the wonderful costumes from the night:

Willie, Galen and Katie

White Rabbit and the Mad Hatteraul
Court and daughter Kim
Devilish Karen


Iris in wearing her new lamp

Paul Wells ( the Lobster) and Jo

Tom, Susie and Katie

Witchy Tusa at the kitchen table


Martha and granddaughter Nichole


Lisa, Patsy, and Angela
See you next year,